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    Hi Im new here and so glad to have found this forum. I have been ttc for 2plus years and have just done 6mths of fertility treatments with no results. I have slightly low FSH but am pretty much considered unexplained fertility. My mother has suggested I try a blood test for Celiac. My grandfather has it and my mother is Gluten Intolerant. Tomorrow I go for that blood test. Regardless of the result, I am going to go Gluten free. I have been researching this more and more and it makes so much sense. Im a health nut so it doesn't phase me to eat gluten-free. Has anyone had a gluten issue linked to fertility troubles. I have severe period pains, numbness and tingling down my neck and arms sometimes. That is about my only real symptoms. I do not fit the profile of a celiac but you never know. I do have severe seasonal allergies so am interested to see if they subside by going gluten free.