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  1. Help- I had the immunolabs 154 food blood test and the results are making me more confused than ever. Someone please help. First, note that I have been gluten free for about a year now after doing an elimination diet and having a severe eye hives, discharge and skin breakouts from eating a little pita bread. All the other things I challenged seemed to be just fine, including eggs and dairy i.e. no discernible symptoms when re-introduced. I've continued to get hives and a skin rash which looks a lot like dermetits herpetiformis when i eat different foods, and haven't been able to decide what is the trigger or if I'm just cross contaminated. So, I went to a naturopath who swears by immunolabs blood testing. My Gluten antibodies came back negative (IGg 15, IgA 9), and only wheat came back as an allergen. My naturopath says this shows beyond any doubt that I do not have celiacs. I have seen people say that you need to be eating gluten for these tests to be accurate. What is the reality?? Also, my list of allergenic foods was bizarre. Eggs were super high at the highest level 4 while wheat, which I know I react severely to was only a 1. Can someone please explain why food like eggs which I didn't react to with elimination reintroduction could now be so high and wheat so low. Is this possibly a false positive or can the symptoms just be hidden and systemic as my naturopath says? So to recap my questions are 1. Is Immunolabs food testing accurate? 2. If my IGG and IGA for gluten both are low, does that conclusively mean I don't have celiacs or gluten issues? 3. Why would I have such a high reaction to eggs when the elimination diet didn't show any issues with them? Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. Emu Oil- Work For Anyone Else?

    An update after using the emu oil for a couple of weeks now: I have gotten new blisters, but the emu oil seems to help my skin overall feel more comfortable and the breakouts seem more contained.
  3. Emu Oil- Work For Anyone Else?

    I'm using100% emu oil by a company called Laid in Montana. I got it from the homeopathic pharmacy here in Santa Monica, but you can also buy it online: http://www.montanaemuranch.com/100-pure-montana-emu-oil/ I started using it on a bad break out (on my face) about a week ago and immediately the sting and itch went away and the little blisters are dry and almost flaked off. I've been using it all over my face twice/day since. I've felt the tingle of new eruption but they haven't materialized. Either this stuff is a miracle for me, or I would have gone into remission anyway. Hard to tell but I know I'm way more comfortable since using it. Hope it works for someone else. I went to Dr. today (really great one) who is also convinced it is in fact DH that I have.
  4. Hi, I have yet to be tested for DH although I definitely have some kind of gluten related autoimmune skin problem which sounds like DH. I'll be seeing a naturopath recommended by someone on this forum, so I'm crossing my fingers I get some clarity on what is going on. In the meantime, I'm curious if any of you have had luck using emu oil on your rash? I started using it last week and have had amazing results. So I'm posting in case it will help someone else, and also to see if other's DH responds to it, then it might help determine that this is what I have.
  5. Thanks so much all of you. Amber is exactly the color I mean. I have been gluten free for about a year now and unless I eat almost nothing but vegetables and chicken, I get a breakout. I think I haven't been aware of all of the crazy non-traditional gluten triggers that now I'm becoming aware of, thanks to this site. I have two more questions: do you think this could be exacerbated by different times in my cycle? I've also found I have very low progesterone and seem to be more sensitive to foods if I'm in the second part of my cycle (no, what i have isn't regular hormonal acne....), also, could i have a reaction from handling bread when I make it for my son? Thanks to you all!
  6. I would really appreciate if you could share what testing you ended up doing for both celiace and other foods, and if you recommend, or not. I seem to have either extreme sensitivity to gluten or multiple intolerances/allergies and don't know how best to test, especially since I can't reintroduce gluten prior to blood testing since my symptoms are too rough. thanks.
  7. I'm really needing help. I've have bizarre skin eruptions which I'm now thinking might be dermititis herpetiformis now that I know, via elimination diet, that I have a serious problem with gluten. I get hive like bumps on my face and some of them ooze deep yellow/orange liquid and then crust over. I also get swollen eye with thick white goop that comes out of it if I eat even a small amount of gluten. Does any one else get this? I don't know how I can get official blood test because I can't eat even a little bit of gluten without my eye swelling up and gooping very painfully. I can't afford going to tons of doctors to only have false negatives, but wondering if any of you have advice for me? I'm really suffering. Thanks.