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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lulu's

    the mahi mahi taco's are the best... I'm lucky to live about 6 miles from Lulu's.... and they do take great care for you there... and if your lucky and you are here when her brother is in town...(Jimmy Buffet )the place is a music hot spot when he plays she has come a long way from the orginal location...also if you look at the menu you will find she likes to use local produce and organic beef from a farm here in alabama if you in town let me know and i can give you other eating out options...i have a few stand by ones that we go to....
  2. My Itchy Sking

    for a little back ground info...this itchy skin started in full force Jan / Feb by mid Feb I headed to the dr as it was not going away.. since we live out in the country and go hiking I thought well its something i got into...by the time i went to the dr i was in tears it hurt/burned This is the 1st misdiagnoses... treated with a steriod shot and then a pack for a week... oh what joy no rash no itching... i was in heaven... fast forward to my 2 week follow up... went in again in tears its was back and was worse.... the good dr said you have a food allergy... we need to find a allergist for you... ok .... in the mean time here is another steriod pack rx.. and a strong anti histimne Rx... filled only one and it was not the steriod pack.... here is where i started my research... with a simple google... of what food cause rashes... so i dropped out peanuts no change, then i found a picture of a wheat rash.... oh this looks like my back, stomach, butt, so gluten free i started got an appt with the allergist( should have called a skin dr) oh well we all learn.. any ways he looked at it ... and i told him i had started a gluten free diet and was seeing improvement... put me on allerga and zyrtec combo... helped calm the skin down... did a food diary, added peanuts ,,, then the last day of the diary i added gluten foods....NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO THAT WILLINGLY.......... so now im just waiting for the itchy skin to clear up which it is slowly the photos above are about 75%better than were i started from i have been gluten free since mid march
  3. My Itchy Sking

    this is both of my sides.... again still learning how to post the pics
  4. My Itchy Sking

    This has become quiet a journey for me.. here are few pics of my itchy skin still having to work with dr's for a DX sorry if the size is big..
  5. Photos Of Mild Dh

    I have always had back bumps...(pimples) and under the bra line rash( thought it was heat rash) thighs chalked it up to many things ingrown hairs ect.... but now i must say i the only way to describe the warning that a break out is coming is a burning like being sunburnt and having a jellyfish tossed on your skin....
  6. Photos Of Mild Dh

    Thank you for posting this... I wish that I would have taken photos when my rash was at its worst... at first i was told i had shingles... then after taking a course of steriods...it came back with a vengence... dr said its a food allergy.. before i made it to a allergy dr i found some photos of wheat rash...(DH) and it looked like what i had went gluten free... started clearing up... so now while the dr's may not agree with me i know the only way to keep the itchy skin away is staying gluten free
  7. Group In South Alabama?

    I'm in Gulf Shores... just starting out only been gluten-free for about 4 weeks