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  1. If you could send me an email of gluten-free restaurant chains that would be really great. My email address is karen.kemp@tiscali.co.uk Thanks very much.
  2. What gluten-free cereals do you buy and what do you take on a picnic? Thanks
  3. We are coming to Florida this Friday from England so have little experience of what to buy that is safe. What gluten-free breakfast cereals are available in Walmart or Publix? What gluten-free snacks can you buy in Walmart or Publix? What would you recommend for picnics. Thank you so much, in advance. Karen
  4. Hi, I'm coming to the USA from England next month. Can you give me lists of restaurant chains that are likely to have gluten-free food on the menu. Many thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. Great tips! Any more restuarant chains that are good for gluten-free?
  6. Hi! We are renting a house in Davenport, about 30 minutes drive from Disney. I think it's near where the 27 crosses I4.
  7. Hi, I live in England. We are going to Orlando in October with 2 children (age 7 and 9). Can anyone recommend restuarants and restaurant chains that are good for gluten-free food in and around Disney World and Universal in Orlando, Florida? Many thanks,