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  1. Hi all! When my daughter was young up untill about two years old, she seems to have a host of G.I. problems. Nothing was ever severe or serious, but enough to call attention to it. She spit up much longer than most babies did she seem to get rashes and hives with no explanation. She didn't grow well was always very very low on the percentiles and dropped for a while, and she seem to have a lot of belly pain. Her doctor referred her to a pediatric G.I. doctor, who tested for celiac. At the time her test was very normal. They also did an endoscopy, which showed no abnormalities. Now, my daughter is four years old, and complaining daily of belly pain. She had an x-ray, which show that she was severely constipated, and even though she's been all cleaned out and taking daily MiraLAX, she still complains of belly pain routinely. Her gas is pretty noticeable, and Very potent, and her belly is big and round. She saw her pediatrician today, who sending her back to the gastroenterologist for more celiac testing. She also wants to explore lactose intolerance. Any thoughts on this? The pediatrician says it's highly unlikely she would've had a false-negative earlier, but she said it could've developed since then. I'd love to hear from any parents who may have had a similar situation! Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks TH! My daughter went through a spurt of about a week when daycare would call me every coupke of days to say she had a low fever. Twice we picked her up, gave her some motrin, and she was absolutely fine! Celiac panel should be ready Monday, follow up with pedi GI the next week, so we'll see!
  3. I'm just reading this, and I'm starting to wonder about my gallbladder surgery. Sorry if this is long, but I'll start at the beginning. Also, sorry if this post would be better on another board... it was just the gallbladder topic that got me thinking! A few years back, when I was pregnant, I woke up with excruciating pain in my ribcage area. I went to the ER, and they found stones with an ultrasound. The pain went away, and the ER doc suggested I just hold off on pursuing it as I may never have another attack. Fast forward about two years. I was having abdominal pain and went to my primary. The pain was totally different from my gallbladder attack, which I explained to the primary and surgeon. I had another ultrasound, and based on that the primary referred me to a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed. In talking with the surgeon, I told him the pain was different and that it seemed to be better when I cut WAY back on the fiber in my diet. His response? "Fiber? Don't you mean fat?" No. I meant fiber... I know the difference! Anyway, I had my gallbladder out. Last summer, I was EXTREMELY iron deficient, and was sent to a hematologist. She tested (through blood test) for Celiac, and said it was negative and assured me that iron deficiency wasn't uncommon in women my age, particularly postpartum. She told me to take iron and to follow up in six months. But reading this board, a lot of pieces are coming together. My iron deficiency has been there since I was a little kid... doctors then told my mom that I wasn't responding to supplements, but that it was probably because I had some sort of Mediterranean anemia (which the hematologist refuted). Now, my 15 month old DD is in the midst of the testing process for Celiac, and I'm wondering if maybe I had a false negative? I still have occasional abdominal pain, sometimes it feels like menstrual cramps but in the wrong areas. I would say I have a very little bit of D each day or every other, but not crisis level (sorry for the detail). Has a false positive ever happened anyone? Thanks!
  4. I am so glad I stumbled on this post! My 15 month old DD is going through the testing process now- awaiting results of blood work. The dr. also wants to test for CF because of her size, even though I'm not a carrier. I've been panicking, even though I know it's highly unlikely, because she had soooo many colds all winter. Knowing there is even the slightest chance it was Celiac causing that and not CF is gping to go a long way towards getting me through the next couple of days before her CF test!!! Thank you!!!! Btw- did any of you experience frequent low-grade fevers?
  5. Has anyone else had symptoms come and go in their children? The first red flag for our daughter was when she was spitting up/vomiting daily for weeks... starting at 13 months. (She did have reflux pretty badly as an infant, but it had gone away for a while.) Between that, her small size and big belly, her negative food allergy tests, and no response from eliminating lactose, her doc. suggested testing for Celiac. But, since this process started a while ago, I feel like her symptoms come and go. She'll go a couple of days without spitting up, then, just when I'm feeling crazy for pursuing all of this, she starts again. Or her appetite will be nothing for a few days, and then she'll eat and be happy again. (Even on good days, though, her appetite isn't very big. It was bigger when she was younger.) I have a 2.5 year old son, so I know kids change and everything from teething to moods can affect how they interact with food, so now I'm wondering if I'm just going crazy! There are days where she screams at food offered, cries and arches back after taking a bite, and is generally miserable. Then, it will all clear up and she's fine and happy for a few days. I'm just wondering if there's anyone else out there who has seen this happen. We don't get the results of the blood work for another week, and in the meantime I'm totally overthinking! Thank you!
  6. My daughter is 18 lb. at 15 month, not diagnosed yet though. Waiting for results now...
  7. Hello, My DD (15 months) had a blood test for Celiac on Monday, and the pediatric GI seemed to think there's a good likelyhood it will be positive given her symptoms. While we wait for results, I'm worried about three things: 1. It will be positive. I'm worried I'll get overwhelmed or confused by all of the ingredients to avoid and I'll make mistakes. I'm worried her extreme irtitability won't improve and I will continue to struggle to enjoy her sometimes. I'm worried about the guilt I feel about that. 2. It will be negative. Then we are back at square one, after waiting, allergy testing, experimenting with cutting out Lactose, etc. 3. I'm worried about the CF test the GI also ordered. Neither my husband nor I are carriers, but the doctor explained there can be mutations. I know it is very rare, but I'm terrified. Overall I'm just worried and a total mess right now.
  8. Hello, My DD has had some stomach issues lately, and I'm wondering if I should pursue testing for Celuac, or if I'm way off base. She is 15 months and has begun spitting up/vomiting regularly after dairy- esp. yogurt. We tried cutting out Lactose for the past wk, to no avail. This started about 6 weeks ago, though as an infant she had horrible reflux. She has been tested for food allergies and has none. She was in the 49th percential for weight at birth, but she was 3rd at 12 month checkup. In thd last week, she has gotten increasingly irratible, she occcasionslly screams as though in pain when we feed her, and she eats very little. She used to be a great eater. Also, she did have a milk protein allergy as an infant- not sure if that's relevant. Finnally, my husband commented tonight that her belly is starting to look like those pictures of malnourished babies. As far as milestones, she is great. Walked early, says and signs several words, everything's on schedule. Any thoughts?? She just serms miserable lately, and I want to find out what's wrong in order to help her!