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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanksgiving And Family...

    I would never invite anybody into my home, knowing that they have dietary restrictions without being willing to make some concessions. Personally, I think that it's rude to invite someone under such circumstances and thinking that they would not bring something safe to eat and be willing to make themselves sick.
  2. Thanksgiving And Family...

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe that the Kraft Jet puffed marshmallows are gluten free.
  3. Thanksgiving And Family...

    Thanks. As soon as my kids got wind of the fact that I will be having sushi for Thanksgiving, they decided that's what they want too. Well, until they found out that if nobody ate at grandma's house then there would be no point in going and that it would really hurt her feelings. They understand but I'm still to take extra for when they are done with turkey and all. They love mummy's cooking.
  4. Thanksgiving And Family...

    After talking to my mother yesterday, it was agreed that she would cook for everybody else and that I would just go ahead and bring my own food. So, I will be making gluten free pumpkin pies, almond coconut macaroons, and pink peppermint meringues. Then because my five kids actually prefer the denser gluten free breads that I make at home, I will also take a sandwich bread, a gluten-free pumpernickel bread, and a cinnamon raisin bread. For my own meal, I will be taking homemade sushi and some fresh tuna sashimi. I also informed her that I will bring a couple of gluten-free beers for myself and some coconut coffee creamer. I will also take our rice cooker and some basmati rice because i have problems with a lot of the american grown rice. She is not thrilled with me but she understands that if she wants my husband, our five kids, and myself there then this is how it's gotta be. Then Friday we will have a Thanksgiving meal at home with duck and potatoes and all the fixings. I have a lot of cooking ahead of me. I guess it's a good thing that I love to cook and bake.
  5. Thanksgiving And Family...

    Thank you all for your responses. I figure I'll take a couple of pumpkin pies and some almond coconut macaroons for everybody to share. Although, I think I'll put some aside for just myself, to have with my coffee. I'll also figure out some food that I can reheat in the microwave. If they don't like it, I guess they can just get over themselves.
  6. For those of you that are going to friends and family for Thanksgiving, how will you be dealing with the GFD and possible CC? I am supposed to go to my mother's for our meal. She's three hours away, so just eating when we get back home is not an option. She will be cooking at my step-father's house, who probably hasn't even been informed of my issues. He has offered to buy the groceries. My mother still thinks that this is just a fad diet for me, not a life long process. I was thinking that I would at least be able to have potatoes and veggies but my mother puts butter on everything and I can't do any form of dairy. Would you go ahead and risk upsetting everybody by bringing your own food to heat up while you are there? I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but I don't want to make myself sick either, especially with a three hour car ride home. Not really in the mood to hit up every rest stop between her house and mine.
  7. I have friends that allow their kids to do that and they seem to eat the same foods day in and day out. I would never be able to live like that. One friend in particular seems to live on cereal, Mac and cheese, and Ramen noodles. Why, oh why? I just don't get it. I get the whole, eat to live, don't live to eat but honestly, I love food. I'm trying to teach my kids that variety is the spice of life.
  8. I don't know about over the counter meds but my GI gave me a script for Bentyl. It works wonders with the spasms when I get glutened or accidentally ingest dairy. Just a thought for the future.
  9. Please Cancel My Optimism

    I definately had the extreme bloating but instead of gas, I ended up with the dread "D". I was actually tested for Yeast overgrowth a few months back and I came back negative. I know that's not it, aside from me not having problems with anything else that's high in sugars. I do take probiotics on a daily basis but I haven't really noticed a difference. Honestly the first time it happened, I thought that I had accidentally contaminated my slip pea soup with something else but then it happened again with just canned peas. So we just make lentil soup instead. I do however have gastritis and I don't know if that can play a role in reacting with certain foods.
  10. Please Cancel My Optimism

    Honestly, food is expensive these days no matter what you eat. That being said, try to buy in season, look for sales, and use coupons. We spend roughly $40 a person a week at our house. We all eat gluten and dairy free at home. When I first started out we did spend a lot more, only because we were cooking two meals for dinner. One for me and one for everybody else. It's easier and cheaper for all of us to eat gluten and dairy free. Another thing that I've learned is what you can make yourself, you should make yourself. I used to spend money on gluten free cookies. Now I just make them myself. I want muffins, I bake muffins. We also make our own almond milk and soy milk. We don't save much on the almond milk but we can make a half gallon of soy milk for a fraction of the cost of the store bought stuff and we know exactly what goes into it. I don't care for the store bought gluten free bread but when I bake a loaf at home, it all gets eaten the same day. The first time I made gluten free pumpernickel bread, we ate two loaves of it. So much for saving one for another day. I'm sorry that you are having a hard time right now but trust me, it does get easier. I'm sure most, if not all, of us were feeling those things at one point or another. I know I have been there. For me, it really hit on my birthday. No birthday cake or ice cream? I was ready to scream. That's when I started making everything myself. I do still have the occasional melt down in stores. I was highly upset loosing things like twizzlers. I love those but I can't have them anymore. I have burst into tears on more than one occasion in the candy aisle. My husband can attest to the fits I've thrown in the dairy section because I wanted yogurt or some new coffee creamer that just came out. Six months in I figured out that I was reacting to peas. That set off another downward spiral for me. I realized that it wasn't just peas. I was also reacting to corn, soy, radishes, on top of my other food allergies being magnified. I was starting to feel like there was nothing left that I could eat. I came on here to vent and eventually incorporated it into my diet. Luckily, I can now handle soy and corn based things that are made at home. I still can't handle soy based store bought items. Maybe the problem wasn't the soy but rather something else that was put into the product or the way the soy was handled. Just try to remember that it does get easier and you can always come here to vent because we do understand. Sending you great big HUGS.
  11. I have five kids ranging from the ages of 3 to almost 14. It may sound cruel but at an early age we started the whole if you don't eat what is put in front of you, then you don't eat. Don't get me wrong, i would still give them some fruit or vegetables but i would not make a second meal just for them. My kids will eat almost anything now and I rarely have leftovers. We all eat gluten and dairy free at home. My husband can have his gluten containing foods outside of the house and he occasionally will take the kids to McDonalds. Fortunately, I can still have tomatoes but honestly, we don't eat them all that often. Right now with squash being in season we are eating a lot of it. Last night for dessert we had a Thai Coconut custard baked in a pie pumpkin. For dinner we had southwest spaghetti squash. I had no leftovers for my lunch today. One thing that really helps in my house is variety. Lots and lots of variety. We cook anything from American fare to oriental foods to German food. My kids love homemade sushi but you said you try to limit rice. As far as quick, easy things I have no real answer for that. I haven't been able to figure that one out. When I do have to take food out of the house, I usually end up cooking something the night before after my children are in bed, only because they will eat it and not leave me anything. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help. I can send you great big {{{HUGS}}} because I know how difficult it can be.
  12. New To Celiac Disease And Scared

    7 months into being gluten and dairy free and I still get angry at times. It does get easier though. To keep costs down, shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Try to stay away from the processed foods. I will admit that it is sometimes easier said than done. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, which also drives me nuts at times. Once you're feeling a little adventurous try baking your own gluten free hamburger buns and breads. For now, concentrate on learning as much as you can and feeling better. Great big {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to you.
  13. Ready To Scream...

    Thanks. I know I need fruits and veggies. I'm just being sarcastic. I love fruits and veggies and I can snack on them all day long. I plan to keep going through them one by one. I don't have a problem with garlic, onions, potatoes, apples, carrots, oranges, peaches, avocados, and cauliflower. I eat a wide variety of things. I guess that's why I keep finding things that I can't eat anymore. I just hope that it all settles down sometime soon.
  14. Ready To Scream...

    Thank you all for your input. I do appreciate it. The thing with the apricots sounded worse than it actually is. I only did it once or twice a year when they are in season. I have now given them up completely. I'm about ready to give up all fruits and vegetables. I had some radishes last night and a few more for a quick snack earlier. I've been in and out of the bathroom all day. Just one more thing that I can leave out of my diet now.
  15. I've been gluten and dairy free about six months now. It's driving me crazy but I'm dealing with it. It's been an adjustment but one worth making for my health. The longer I'm gluten-free, I'm finding more and more foods that give me problems. Soy seems to upset my stomach to the point of not wanting to move. I just realized that peas now seem to give me D. Oh joy. Apricots have always given me problems but i used to be able to take a benadryl and still eat them. Not anymore. The last time I did that, I almost ended up in the ER. Will it ever stop? Exactly when can I count on my list of okay foods to stop shrinking? It seems like everyday something new comes up that I can no longer tolerate well. My hubby thinks I'm nuts because I throw little fits while shopping. I don't think that he understands how frustrating this is for me. First I loose all of my favorite foods. What I wouldn't give for a good baguette and some Brie right now, but no, I can't have that. I thought I only had a problem with dairy and gluten but no, I'm still finding other things that don't do we'll by me. It's frustrating and I guess I'm still a little angry over all of this. Thanks for letting me vent.