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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have gone twice, though he thinks my numbrs are off to be celiac. He said the markers my other dr said were celiac just shows the likihood; and the other tests said no. thinks it may be wheat intolerence?
  2. Modified Food Starch - Avoid?

    How can we be sure the item with the ingredient "modified food starch" is a made in America product? So much has some components made in another country.
  3. I am in the worst health care county in CA. I have been on glucophage for 6 years, and in that time i began taking Excedrin migraine. My blood sugar fasting went from 120 forever to 190 on 4 metformins a day. I was on blood pressure meds for a few weeks but got very ill and shortness off breath so off it now. I had a colonoscopy last year and the doctor forgot to do a biopsy. I tested positive for celiac last month, although my allergy said i am not allergic to wheat. i have been on and off wheat for a couple months, not because i knew i had a wheat allergy but just because i noticed a huge bloating, i mean i look 10 months pregnant. They did a cat scan of my gut and from stomach to anus was swollen and inflamed. Yet NOTHING was done to relieve the pain, vomiting and diarrhea. No one suggested celiac but i requested a test, which they pooh pooh but my FNP ran it anyway and it was the only test to come back positive.
  4. How Long A Reaction To Gluten?

    OK, so i have my cows on grass as i said, but give them corn with molassis, oats and barley. So, this would have gluten. For now, i am off all dairy so i can make a slow transition for my cows. Corn? Oats?
  5. Lactose And Casein ...

    I has actually been found that while there are several different proteins in cow milk (casein) the one that MOST are allergic to are the beta casein, which it appears are newly formed and the inbreeding of dairy cattle seems to have mutated the A2 beta casein "Beta-casein is a naturally produced protein in cows
  6. We have a farm and sell "farm shares" for $150 for 6 months of milk. The cows are A2/A2 which is a "normal" protein. I can not drink store milk; and it is A1 or B protein milk which is a hybrid and mutated form of the casein found in milk. Anyway; look it up. The cows are on pasture; but we do add a little grain while they are being milked. Now i wonder; we are raising beets and other vegs to try this fall. So, yes it makes a difference and best way is to find a family that has a milk cow that will share milk with you. Offer to milk for them, and then learn how. In some states it is illegal to sell or even give away raw milk. In our program, you milk the cows and you are responsible for your own milk. Put an ad on Craigslist, drive out in the country ask at church.
  7. I am going to camp with my 2 daughters. Last year, before i was diagnosed I noticed they had a "vegetarian" and "wheat free" servings on a separate table. There serve family style at the camp. I am a little nervous as i just went through a life threatening episode and the only thing they know is that i have celiac disease. I hate to burden the cooks, but should i ask for recipes, and wouldn't there be cc? How much should i worry about cc? It is 5 days and 8 hours from home and i am not sure i can make the drive if i get sick.
  8. How Long A Reaction To Gluten?

    amazing, no way i would have thought of all that thanks.
  9. How Long A Reaction To Gluten?

    I never even thought about those things, except the peanut butter as that is obviously got bread crumbs in it. I have a large family, would it just be more practical to put everyone gluten free? the dairy is gonna be hard, we milk two cows! I will go off for two months and see. I just can't believe how sick i am, migraines, flu like symptoms. I have had a re occurring not rash but very large pimple like blister; that itches like crazy, bursts then a couple months later is just a scar, and then another one pops up. dh?
  10. One month ago i presented at hospital with severe vomiting and uncontrolled diarrhea. They did every test and decided i had a bacterial infection. I had temp of 104, on and off for days. Two weeks later the Dr put me back in hospital with swollen lymph nodes and temp again, i am still on antibiotics. The ONLY test that came back positive was the ADA for celiac disease. For 6 months prior i had severe bloating. I suspected a wheat allergy; however tested (blood) years ago and it came back neg. I have been off wheat for about 2 weeks. I do eat raw milk butter and drink some (little) raw milk. My question is, i think i got some contaminated lunch meat (didn't know it contains gluten?) how long will i feel miserable? It has been 3 days.