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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. We don't really need the Dx, I just feel like she has it, we've had all the tests and I just need someone with MD after their name to look at all of the results and say "Yep, It's Celiac." She is going to remain gluten free. Even at 9 she knows if she eats gluten it's going to hurt. I just feel like people take your reaction to gluten more seriously if you have Celiacs as appose to a Gluten Intolerance.
  2. Ok, so wanted to add an update and see what everyone thinks now.... She saw my son's gastro, who asked us to send her pathology to his hospital to review. They reviewed it and the report says: "Duodenum, bulb, biopsy: Benign small intestinal mucosa with moderate villous flattening and mild to moderate epithelial inflammation. (See comment) Comment: The epithial inflammation consists of mild to moderate increase in lymphocytes, together with focal neutrophils. Changes seen could represent nospecific duodenitis, but also could be consistent with mild to moderate celiac sprue in the appropriate clinical/serologic setting. " She also had the genetic test done and her results are: HLA-DQ2 Negative HLA-DQ8 Negative HLA-DQA1* 02 HLA-DQA1* 04 HLA-DQB1* 0202 HLA-DQB1* 0402 The doctor seemed to really be leaning towards Celiacs when he got the biopsy because she also had elevated antibodies and a good response to the diet, but is now saying it's definitely not Celiacs because she lacks the gene... She is gluten free already and has been for a few months now and is feeling much better. Not sure if I should continue fighting to get the diagnosis, or just move on and stick with Gluten Intolerance. Thanks for your time!
  3. Thank you for your response. I am making an appt with my sons gastro before we start the drug or change her diet. She has had a good response to being gluten free for the past few weeks. Was really dreading having to gluten her on purpose. I feel better hearing from someone else that it is probably celiacs.
  4. Yep... same doctor. The sons new doctor says he could be gluten intolerant, so he's been gluten free for the past few weeks. I am going to make an appt for my daughter with the new doc now that I know I'm not crazy for thinking the doctor is wrong.
  5. My daughter had a biopsy done and the results say: Duodenum, bulb, mucosal biopsy -moderate infiltration of surface epithilium by lymphocytes and focal damage to epithelial cells. -Focal infiltration of surface and lamina propria by neutrophils. NOTE. the doudenal bulb sections show normal architecture but are inflamed. No clinical information was provided so clinical correlation by the endoscopist is required. She also tested positive for Endomysial IGA. And her stomaches have lessened with a gluten free diet. Is that enough to say Celiacs? Her doctor says no. She wants to give her omeprazole for a month and repeat the biopsy in three months with my daughter returning to a gluten full diet next month. I don't want her to have to go through all this again.
  6. Thanks for the reply! "Low Carb" just means it has a reduced number of carbohydrates compared to the regular version. They are still made with wheat. "Wheat Gluten" is the first ingredient for the bake mix I used to make the pancakes and whole wheat flour is listed for the wraps. So do you think I am eating enough or should I try to add some more? Really want the biopsy to be accurate.
  7. Two of my kids may have celiacs (positive blood tests). My blood work came back fine,which I figured it would because I've been low carb for over a year and really don't eat much gluten. My gastro is sending me for an endoscopy in June to check for celiacs, and didn't seem concerned that I wasn't eating much gluten. After reading on here and elsewhere, I know that I need to be eating gluten in order for the test to be conclusive. My question is how much gluten do I need each day? I have been eating 2 low carb pancakes and a low carb wheat tortilla everyday and am wondering if that is enough. My metabolism is so shot, that just adding that has caused me to start putting back on the weight I worked so hard to lose. Should I try to add more? I don't want to mess the test up. Thanks for any input!
  8. The husband and I have both been tested and both came back negative... we went to a gastro and she is sending us both for endoscopies in june. I have been eating low carb, so almost no gluten for over a year, so I wasn't surprised that mine was negative. Been eating as much low carb gluten as I can for the past month and will continue until the biopsy. Pretty sure I have it as I have hashis, hypoglycemia, UARS, fatigue... I will be going back to my low carb diet either way, but am hoping for a definite dx for the kids.
  9. We have had the other two tested by the pediatrician. The youngest was fine. My daughter (8 years old) had "positive A" listed for endomysial IGA. And the AB titer was 1:5. The other tests were all normal. She goes to the same gastro as my son on Thursday. I am guessing they will order an endoscopy/biopsy for her as well...
  10. My six year old son was recently tested for celiacs. His gliadin deamidated IGA was >100. Gliadin deamidated IGG, (tTg) AB IGG, (tTg) AB IGA were negative. He was sent for an endoscopy and biopsy and the doctor said he saw mild scalloping. We were pretty sure we finally had an answer to why he was dropping growth curves, can't concentrate at school and has had constipation since he was a baby. But the gastro told me the other day the biopsy is negative so it's not celiacs and wants to keep him on miralax for the next three months and than meet with a nutritionist to go over what he is eating to see if he is eating enough calories and getting enough fiber... no mention of a possible gluten sensitivity or maybe if it could be celiacs but it was missed on the biopsy... when I tried to ask questions she really didn't answer anything... does anyone think it could still be celiacs? Or is there something else it could be that is causing the high antibodies? Should we take him to someone else???