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  1. So I ate at Applebees today. (BIG mistake!) I ate their Santa Fe chicken salad (Which is supposed to be "wheat free"). But, the problem apparently is that their ingredients are wheat-free but there is a high danger of CC which they do not make customers aware of. In that salad, my guess is the tortilla strips are deep-friend in shared oil. Also, kudos to the Applebees manager, he was very sincere and apologized. He even offered to pay any medical bills associated with the reaction. There's nothing any doctor can do (to my knowledge) but thumbs up to the manager for the effort! I have been gluten free for about a month and a half now, and I was just starting to feel "normal" when I was glutened a few times and definitely feeling it. Probably the worst symptoms I have are allergy-type symptoms like blurred vision, itchy ears/throat, sinus problems, tightness in my chest and throat, stiff neck/joints, 'foggy' brain, and extreme fatigue and headache. I'm currently over-dosing on H2O and I think it might be helping a little bit. Anyway, I'm definitely steering completely clear of any Applebees restaurant because my symptoms are so bad I am non-functionable! Does anyone know anything else one can do to help speed along the process of getting this gluten out of my system?!