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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the advice. I will try Pamela's. I enjoyed baking before and and have been checking out gluten-free cooking books like crazy from the library. I have a banana muffin recipe my kids like and a fruit crisp. I mostly try to stay away from "gluten replacements" if the wheat version is bad, then the alternative is not that healthy either. I used to make pasta a couple time a week, now I make a gluten-free version once a month. I am just shocked at how sensitive I am. I ate it my whole life without these issues and this week a piece of bread was next to my salad at a restaurant and I was immediatly sick. I have switched to a gluten free shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and eye makeup and my eye symptoms are much improved.
  2. Heads Up About In-N-Out

    I have had a great experience at the In-N-Out in AZ. I order a protein style allergy burger with raw onions. They change gloves and it comes in a seperate tray from my kids food. The 1st time I ordered there the casher asked me if my protein style was for an allergy which is how I know to order it that way. One of the few places I don't get sick.
  3. Have you looked up "gluten withdrawal". About the same time frame you were, I was depressed, crying, totally not myself. I felt worse than when I started. It did pass. Now, when I get "glutened" my reactions are physical so I know when it happened and the emotional piece a day or two later makes sense. Be kind to yourself, this is a huge change to your lifestyle and body, it will take time to settle in again.
  4. Accidental Exposure

    I made that mistake 3 months in. I knew about soy sauce and went out for sushi. Did not have soy, but my spicy tuna and my son shared some of his roll with me that was a california roll with tuna on top. woke up the next day to a rash all over my belly. looked online and the imitation crab in the california roll is full of gluten. As far as eating out, I try to call ahead when going somewhere new to see what they offer and knowledgeable they are. Last weekend I was out with my family and we tried a mediterrain cafe on a whim. I asked the owner what she would recommend for me, and she has another customer that is gluten free, so told me the exact plate I should order and knew that her rice, hummus and all salad dressing were gluten-free. I didn't even look at the menu. It seems the best way to eat out is to ask the waiter/waitress what the chef recommends that is gluten-free. when I don't do that, I usually get sick. Hope that helps with eating out.
  5. Gluten Exposure

    I keep in my purse single serve packets of nuts or trail mix I get at Trader Joes and Lara Bars in case I get stuck without safe food. If I know I am going to be out for the day I will also take fruit and pop chips or other gluten free packaged snack that is a treat for me. Road trips, sunflowers seeds and single serve Justin's almond butter to but on bananas or apples. I also used to take tuna pouches but I am having issues with soy so have to avoid those, but may be okay for you. hope that helps.
  6. Thank you for the advise. I haven't found a gluten free pancake mix my kids like yet and thought I would be okay to cook. All part of the learning curve.
  7. Is anyone else going through this? Since stopping gluten,now if I am exposed to it(ex.I made pancakes for my kids this morning, did not eat any) I get a weird sensation in my chin and lower jaw, watery eyes/discharge,sour throat.I have baked my whole life and never had these reactions when eating gluten. It is almost like not eating gluten has made me allergic to it. I am switching to gluten free beauty products to see if that helps with my eye symptoms (I have them in the morning and they return in I am near gluten) Just curious if I was the only one. Thanks.
  8. Gluten Free And Constipated

    I am totally going through this. Constipation was my main complaint before going gluten free. I am still having issues with it. I work out out several days a week and eat lots of veggies, salads are my mainstay since going gluten free since I am avoiding "replacement proiducts" so it's not poor diet and lack of exercise. I am taking digestive enzymes and like you my bloating is much improved. I like the flaxseed tip and will try it. I want my diet healthy enough to go. My doctors advice was to take metamucil and miralax everyday and keep a food log and call back in a few months. Not quite what I was looking for.
  9. Gluten Free And Constipated

    I was diagnosed with being gluten intolerant about a month ago. I immediately stopped eating gluten and went on a strict gluten free diet. almost instantly i noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my stomach (i wasn't bloated). i don't have those constant stabbing pains i used to get, and i am no longer in a ton of pain after eating meals. however, i am still constipated. i will go 4 days without going and when i finally do - its hardly anything. one week i will go once a day everyday, and the next week i wont go for 4-5 days straight! the week that i was on my period - i went everyday and have never felt so good! (sorry if that's a little TMI) i decided to take a tablespoon of metamucil last night and woke up with diarrhea and now i feel all bloated and gross feeling again. does/did anyone ever have issues like this? i would LOVE to know some ways to help me become regular. the days i do go, i feel amazing. and the days i don't go - i am so uncomfortable. sorry if its a little too much info but i am desperate for some guidance since my doctor frankly couldn't care less.
  10. I am going to look for a new dr monday to run those tests. I only see Calcium and it was 8.9, she said I wasn't anemic but I don't know which test was for iron. thank you for all the help.
  11. I can totally relate. I have cried all day. Last weekend I fought with my husband, I usually let things roll off my back but I was still mad days later. My kids have told me twice this week I was rude. I am having trouble sleeping, the mood swings are aweful. Glad you had a better day, hopefully this part goes by fast.
  12. I do have my results. TSH: 1.140
  13. Thank you for the tip. I have taken benedryl when I've had a reaction but not anything regularly. I will totally look into this. I am seeing a general practioner, I was just hoping the food allergy test would give me some direction in what to avoid, but I am just gonna have to listen to my body.
  14. My doctor appt today was frustrating. She didn't do a celiac panel, just a food allergy panel and the only thing that showed up was a pork allergy (which i don't really eat). So, she told me to just keep a food journal to track my symptoms and if I feel "less full and heavy without gluten, I should continue to avoid it". I came home and started crying. Does this mean I have food sensitivities? I'm not sure what to do next. I only get 3 doctor visits a year, and she just wasted 2 of them by not running the right test. Overall, I am feeling better. I think I have linked the last couple episodes to soybean oil (had popcorn with "butter flavoring" at the movies and had a reaction). My period was much shorter, less heavy and mild cramps without gluten (I have struggled with heavy period my whole life). Constipation is getting better but my BMs are still floating. Has anyone else had this symptom and how long did it last? I feel like I need to stay gluten free longer to see if my symptoms go away but I know that interferes with testing. Thank you for reading, I just needed to vent.
  15. Thank you for the tip, soy oil could be the link, will be more specific in my food diary.