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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, everyone. Decided to see what conversation I could find about this, as I've had an awful weekend. I'm in month 5 of gluten-free, my life having really changed 180 because of finally discovering what was behind constant pain, constip., diarhhea, migraines, insomnia. But then Fri. started with aching and swollen ankle joint---I realize now that was the beginning. Woke up Fri night with terrible stomach ache. Did teach all Sat morning but nothing since then. Normally play music for a church on Sun morning but called in sick this morning. My husband's the one who I think came up with the most plausible reason: had pakora (made with chickpea flour) in friend's restaurant on Thurs., and then had a leftover one Fri. I think they probably fried them in the same oil as they fried the samosas, in spite of my explaining what was necessary. The bloating, gas, nausea all weekend was so awful. Am starting to feel a little better now. Saw on another site that it's good to go DF for a little while while getting over being glutened, as the gut is temporarily so inflamed that you can be lactose intolerant for a little while even if you aren't usually. Anybody ever find this to be true? As soon as I saw that, I quit dairy, hoping just temporarily, as it doesn't usually bother me. So, wondering about the DF thing as well as I'd be glad for any other advice you all can give me about how to recover. Thanks for any support!
  2. Tonight we had my homemade chili over brown rice, my homemade cornbread; I replace the wheat flour in the cornbread recipe with Pamela's gluten-free flour mix and everybody loves it. And plenty of strawberries, as the patch is really giving right now!
  3. Oh...and meant to say that my husband brought home gluten-free beer this morning. I've tried Green's ale and really liked it. He brought home a mixed 6-pack of 3 different kinds. We'll report the taste-test back! It's going to taste awfully good with the beans!
  4. I'd love the Moroccan chicken recipe! Sounds delicious!
  5. Beans made in crockpot--worked most of the day---with small pieces of ham thrown in. (I put molasses, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard powder, a little tomato paste, a little Korean chili powder, black pepper in the beans. Right before serving I'll salt it.) This will be over rice. I'm checking the garden to see if we have lettuce for tonight and we'll have that with some pieces of cukes and celery. My son made non-gluten-free cookies for which I'm thankful----one diet helps the other!
  6. Leftover chicken noodle soup (Gluten Free Cafe---it's quite good!) and some Schar 'table crackers' with peanut butter and homemade apple jam, cup of tea.
  7. I love this thread! Thanks, everyone! Tonight we had rice vermicelli, tofu cutlets and chunks of watermelon. (Oh--and a pot of decaf green tea--love that with Chinese food.) The rice noodles were stirred with a little sauce I make with gluten-free soy sauce, sesame oil, Korean chili powder and onion powder. The tofu cutlets are cooked in a skillet in a sauce of gluten-free soy sauce, sesame oil, Korean chili powder, garlic powder, ginger powder and brown sugar. Can post the actual recipe if anyone's interested. These are delicious! The whole meal was a big hit with gluten-free and non-gluten-free family members.
  8. I was fascinated to read all the posts regarding insomnia! Here I am in Week 3 of gluten-free. The first thing that happened was a nasty worsening of my GI symptoms for 2 days, then steady improvement. Already off one of my GI meds and want to try to taper off the other. That was Week 1. Week 2 I started to realize that I hadn't had a migraine in days. (I started the gluten-free diet on advice of my gastroenterologist, never dreaming that the intolerance or allergy might be the cause of my migraines.) Because I keep a migraine diary, I can tell you that they are definitely fewer, more far apart and milder. My gosh. That was week 2. Now, in Week 3, I've had several nights of sleeping like I haven't slept in decades. I had had almost constant insomnia. Didn't really start to think more about it til this morning. This is just amazing. Now I go and see all of you talking about this, too. All of my chronic issues were caused by this intolerance or allergy? (Dr. doesn't know which it is----I hardly care, as long as I can manage it and feel better.) This is just incredible. Thanks for the help, everyone. Hope I can encourage back.