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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone do this? Because I do and I know that sometimes it is looked down on by some people. The reason that I do this is because I feel that there is no way that I don't have celiac and am gluten intolerant. There are two other people in my close family who have severe reactions to gluten like me. When I was consuming gluten I was experiencing symptoms of a damaged villi, vitamin deficiency and all that. Also sometimes it is just easier for me to not tell people that I self diagnosed or try to explain the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac. So what do you guys think about people who do this?
  2. When I take vitamins. I literally become crazy. I start having maybe 5 thoughts at one time. It's really helpful when I am playing video games or when I'm doing math. It is terrible when I am just sitting and trying to chill out. I start thinking about ways I can die (5 at a time), what could go wrong in my life (5 at a time), ect. This has made me stop taking vitamins for months. I am so done. I get the giddy feeling..sometimes but it goes downhill and I can't handle that especially since I am a teen. Oh and I definitely stopped bloating after going gluten and lactose free! I had to buy new clothes though. lost 40 pounds and then stopped bloating = no more wardrobe.
  3. 16 oh wait Im 17 now my stomach hurts for 5 days and I can't sleep well. I start having horrific arthritis symptoms and I get very tired. Oh and I bloat.
  4. Good thing I checked back. I went gluten free in April when my aunt suggested it (my cousin is gluten intolerant) as I was really sick and losing weight (lost 40 was 15 and female) During the summer, I made a trip to a different island to see a pediatric gastroenterologist. He did about maybe 12 CT scans and then a colonoscopy. I did not receive any contact again until last week. He said that I had "bumps on the inside of my small intestine which suggest that I must be allergic to something I am eating” I asked him if this would suggest celiac disease. He said no but he suggests that I discontinue eating soy. I continued eating soy. I am still getting better since I stopped having gluten in April. I can't eat anything that may have been cross contaminated and if I do I have constant pain for about 5-7 days in my stomach. *cringes just remembering* The doctors here are total idiots and I really have given up even going.
  5. Still losing weight as well and have been going gluten free since April I eat maybe 7 meals a day.
  6. I do the same thing, and was very annoyed by this article. I'm on an island with doctors who seem to know nothing about celiac disease and have this misconception that celiac disease can only occur in white people. This kind of thing just makes it harder for me to get a proper diagnosis.
  7. Thanks so much for the heads up. Never even heard of the ADA before now. Found out a lot. I'm going to start to apply for housing with a few months, and I guess i will have to make a lot of calls.
  8. I'm trying to find out how I could get a college to consider me for university apartment housing instead of a regular dorm. I would need a kitchen because I really doubt that they will have a good gluten free meal plan. Is gluten intolerance ( believe I have celiac disease but doctor is a total idiot) covered with disabilities? I'm interested in a public university in Florida
  9. Yeah, I was in denial about the lactose intolerance last week but I was getting very sick again so I was forced to get rid of it and now I feel a lot better because of it. When I have the cravings I try to remember the times in my life where I would have given anything up to feel ok again. It usually doesn't seem as bad after that. Plus imitation cheese is good too and some lactaid ice cream
  10. I think I should mention that I am not from the mainland United States and am from the United States Virgin Islands. I don't even think we have those kind of doctors here. Also I do wish to go away to college, but I am not sure if I will be able to.
  11. So my mother told me to ask this. We would like to know if I still need to go on a glueten diet for a whole month to get tested. I have been on a glueten free diet for only a month, and so we're wondering if I can still get tested like this since I have only not had glueten for a month. Would I only have to go on a glueten diet for 2 months or just one? Or would I have to do the full 3 months? I think the reason we are hesistant to do the testing for a whole 3 months is because of how badly off a month ago, and because this is my junior year and I need to finish my community service hours, take the SAT , ACT and apply to colleges ect. I'd ike to hear from everyone else. What would you do in this situation?
  12. I haven't been diagnosed yet, and so I am not sure if I count. I have missed many days of school, but I have always managed to catch up. I go to a small school, so I suppose that helps a lot. The idea is to always stay ahead anytime you have a chance - I know it sounds hard , but I'm in 11th grade now and it has worked for me
  13. I realize that it is. I plan to attend college in Fall 2013, but I am worried I wouldn't be accommodated as well if I don't have proof that I am indeed glueten intolerant. Will I be able to tell hospitals for instance that I know I am, or would I need to be tested for that?
  14. I am 16 years old in the 11th grade and have been suffering for many years. I suffered with extreme fatigue to the point where I would sleep for 14 hours and still be tired, Severe depression and anxiety,joint pain (more than my 76 year old grandmother), decalcification of my teeth. About 2 years ago I lost 40 pounds in about a month or 2 and my mother was very worried. The hospital told us : nothing was wrong with me and other doctors said the same but one found H-Pilori and I was diagnosed with that. The thing is that even though I got past that infection, I was still sick and getting worse. About a month ago I couldn't eat without getting sick or having diarreha. My cousin is glueten sensitive so his mother told mine that I should follow that diet and I did. I got so much better - I became another person , much energy , feeling great , no more pain. I realize now that there is probably a 95% chance that I have celiac disease but I really don't want to get tested because I know that I would have to go on that horrid glueten diet again. What bothers me the most is that I could get a negative even if I go back on the diet. My question is Should I go back on the diet to get tested or just live my life this way? I dont think the pros outweigh the cons Please help, I would love to hear from others.