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  1. Im wondering how long it would take for a 3 year old to put on some weight? she has not been diagnosed as celiac but our doctor is convinced she has a sensitivity and is keeping her from gaining weight she has been off for about a week now and the scale tells me she went up one pound but I cant tell for sure if she really gained weight or if I didnt put the scale at the same spot as the last time I weighed her
  2. I need help with kid snacks. any suggestions would be appreciated but I prefer naturally gluten free products I have a 3 & 4 year old girl who are very picky. this is what I am currently getting for them pudding fruit cups (they dont like them though) fruit gummies cheese home made rice crispie squares Any ideas on any other snack ideas on a really tight budget would greatly appreciated
  3. Ok so im relatively new at this. Ive been trying to make a decent loaf of bread for a month now and it always comes out as tea biscuit texture and flavour. i canot use it for sandwiches either because it fall apart. I tryed an all in one bread mix but it comes out smaller than when I put it in. What am i doing wrong????