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  1. Does anybody know about ice cream and milk for us? I had cookies and cream yesterday. Should there be gluton in it?
  2. With all due respect, I think that anybody who tries to self-diagnos a medical condition is playing with fire. What if all those problems arent from gluton but from cancer? If you have any ability to see a doctor about those problems I think you should. If I had self-diagnosed myself two years ago,I would not be here today. I'm just saying, or perhaps begging you, to see a doctor. Because , what if your self-diagnosis is wrong?? Some things to think about..........
  3. Looks like Im not the only one with the problem. I am taking the shots once a week and was told by my oncologist that it will probably be a life long treatment.. Doesn't sound like much fun. But, as a cancer survivor, I know it could be alot worse. I'm just wondering how long before I start feeling better. Does it take a few weeks for the shots to take effect?? Thanks to everybody. I am learning as I go, for sure.
  4. I am a two year multiple myloma survivor. I have just been diagnosed with celiac desease. I was told there is a connection. BUT, my oncologist said maybe celiac is responsible for the cancer, but not the cancer responsible for celiac! Who knows for sure, but it looks like maybe there is a connection......
  5. How do the injections work for you? I just took my first one today. I too will do them once a week. Id sure like to feel better. Im just recovering from cancer and getting my energy back would be the final part of my journey !!
  6. My oncologist has told me that I am annemic and need B-12 in my system. He explained that B-12 will not be absorbed in my stomach so I don't get any B-12 in my bloodstream. He put me on shots. Once per week. He says probably for the rest of my life. Ive always been the low-metabilism type guy. Always tired, etc. Does anybody have experience with this? Will this help me to get my energy back that I lost years ago? He also told me that I've probably had celiac for many years. I'm 54 and havent felt great for a long, long time. So, I was just wondering if anybody out there has the same issues !!Thanks. This is my first time here. I was just diagnosted last month so Im still trying to figure everything out with this problem......