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  1. Our six year old was diagnosed with celiacs at three... when our divorce began. She had two positive blood tests and one negative.... no endoscopy... father claims I convinced myself she has something "hard " to diagnose and threat... to get attention presumably... He won... I could not afford a lawyer... he had two. The doctors would not back up the diagnosis... now he has been given sole medical/ legal custody... I can only take her to the doctor in emergencies. He denies she has rash, diarreah, pain in her arms and legs, really bad gas... vomiting.... her stool is seldom firm and the color changes frequently... I do not have insurrance to have an endoscopy done on myself...but I have had the same symptoms all my life... Not eating gluten is the only thing that works to make me feel completely fine... in fact I feel great and full of energy when I abstain...! We live in a small town... medical care (and family law) here is really backward... I don't know what to do for my daughter... Her father would not admit that she had symptoms before, which I do not understand, he certainly will not now... My credibility was questioned but no proof was offered, only inuendo that I had pressed the doctor and had taken the child to the doctor "more than usual." The custody order actually said it was just too hard to maintain a gluten free diet... and that he now has control over her third party notification regarding diet restrictions... This decision is harmful to our daugjters' health... but I am barred from helping her... by law... without good reason...I am intimidated by him, all the lawyers, doctors, judges... He tried to accuse me of child abuse for not feeding her gluten. Someone help... please
  2. Doctors Who Have No Clue

    My six year old had two positive blood tests, and one negative one... no endoscopy... symptoms come and go... father says I am over reacting, sued for aole medical custody, had two lawyers, doctors on his side, threw a lot of money at it. Now I can not even get her care.... I have had the same symptoms all my life... not eating gluten makes me feel fine...no one believes me... I was accused of taking her to the doctor "more than usual." I can not afford a lawyer... :'(