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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For the first time since going gluten free about three years ago, I am living with a roommate who often eats bread (sandwiches, toast, pizza, etc). It has been really difficult but I didn't want to say no to the living situation when I know other celiacs live with gluten eating roommies. Through trial and error we have now started using seperate sponges, have seperate sides of the sink, and seperate dishes. In a fit of frustration that I was feeling sick I put her toaster and a terrifyingly crumb-laiden piece of tinfoil (which she heats pizza on and leaves in the oven) into a paper bag for her to store until I can move out in about 6 months. Basically, even though we are being "safe" to the point where she think I am NUTS I have been constantly sick since moving in. Like, D so bad that I am tearing when I go to the bathroom multiple times a week, bloating every couple of days. My question is, is there possibly some other thing that is making me sick?? Do people have cross sensitivity to eggs? I am feeling horrible today and all I have had to eat is: corn chex with milk, Pamela's gluten-free brownies cooked with one egg, and happy campers bread with a fried egg and cheddar cheese. Is dairy possibly doing this to me?? I should be in to see a doctor soon, but I would love to hear anyone's thoughts about A) What else gives you symptoms similar to glutening and B ) Do you think it is really possible to have gluten eating roommate (who can be pretty messy) and not get sick from them?
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that I called Simple Truth today (products of Kroger) and they said that all of their herbal supplements are gluten free
  3. Oooh, I was just informed of Amazon's magical toilet paper delivery! I will definitely look at what kinds of foods I can buy as well. Thanks!!
  4. I wasn't sure exactly which topic to post this under, but since our diet is really our only form of "treatment" I figured here would be fine. I am 26yrs old and have been struggling to eat a healthy and healing gluten-free diet for about three years. I still fail. Reading some other posts I saw people doing something similar to me: eating bad (but gluten-free) foods when we feel miserable about our dietary restrictions. I have developed a really horrible habit of keeping a family sized bag of chips on my night stand as a way of coping with my reeeeally stressful 7 day work weeks. To be clear, I am an active and petite female. I don't have issues with weight (mostly) but I have terrible issues with my energy levels. I take vitamins when I can afford them. But I really haven't found great solutions to what things are good to pack for lunch. What does an ideal fast and easy breakfast look like? What kind of foods should I try and be sure to work into my diet to help continue healing? (I have heard something about coconut oil being great in smoothies??) I don't mind cooking. It is just that when I do bus to the grocery store (I don't have a car) I am so exhausted and hungary that I grab all of my favorite comfort foods and don't plan anything out. I guess I would just like to hear how other celiac's who are young and poor and without a car deal with shopping. Or anything from anyone who has any semi-useful advice. If you can't tell, I am rather exhausted at this very moment
  5. How Do You Get And Keep A Job?

    Geez, this forum never fails to scare me straight. I'm in my twenties and get lazy when I drink. I kiss boys who have been drinking beer or eat fries that may or may not have been contaminated in the oil vat. Drinking in general and ignoring the fact that I react worse to alcohol than normal people even though the distillation process kills gluten... My roommate and I had a Christmas party and I did nearly all of the above. I woke up with pretty bad symptoms that haven't stopped yet. I had to call in sick to work on Friday, haven't gotten anything productive done today, and now I feel like a total idiot. It might have been the drinking, it might have been gluten... Either way, there is really no reason for a glutening to make you call out sick from work unless you're being irresponsible. I think the real concern is that those slip ups do happen, and you then beat yourself up for the repercussions they have on your life, even beyond damaging your body.
  6. Is that frustrating for you? I feel like if I am asymptomatic then it will be harder to know if I am eating properly, and harder to explain to people why I have to be so freakishly strict about avoiding gluten...
  7. I'm sure most people were sleeping, I was just freaking out... Thanks for your support!
  8. Pretty disappointed to not have any feedback on this. Though I have an update: I have not had any symptoms yet. This is almost more disconcerting than what I was afraid of going through. I have spent the last 2.5 years avoiding even the most microscopic amounts of gluten like it is the plague. And last night I ate it. I had a chunk of pice crust in my mouth for a good 10 seconds. And NOTHING has happened? I know I have celiac. How is this possible?
  9. I have been gluten free post dx for 29 months. In this time I have had some weird instances of vomiting, mostly after making poor food choices while drinking, but I can never quite say what the culprit was. It would always be a cross contamination issue because I NEVER straight up eat gluten. But tonight I was eating pumpkin talenti ice cream with my family (after they meticulously prepared a dinner I would be sage to eat) when I encountered a chunk of pie crust. I had bitten right into it but not swallowed. My eyes darted over to the ice cream container and I saw it said "pumpkin pie" flavor. I panicked and spit everything out. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and seriously contemplated throwing up. But I didn't. I already suffer from anxiety, and because this was my first time ever really eating gluten (you know that the rest of that ice cream I ate was not safe if it is made with pie crust chunks) I didn't know what was going to happen. I took a half of an anti-anxiety pill and now I am trying to not think of what might happen. It has been about an two hours and so far nothing strange has happened. The frustrating thing is I have only been at my current job for three weeks and I have already called in sick for a celiac related issue. I told my manager it was a "complication of my celiac" because I didn't know how to say "I have an anal fissure from a horrible bout of constipation, which was caused by my inability to keep a healthy diet while underemployed." So, I have already called in sick once and I am afraid I will have to again tomorrow, and that they might think I am lying or using this dx as an excuse. How did you all get through that first encounter with, "Oh f$#%, I just ate a bunch of gluten and I have no idea how my body is going to react!"
  10. The weird thing is that I am not C. I drink my cup of black tea in the morning and everything moves alone fine. Could it be a lactose issue? I feel like I may be a bit heavy on the dairy these days. I don't have money to buy anything else since I already spent $5 on fancy tea I probably can't drink and I am unemployed :/
  11. Yes, they are Bob's Redmill certified gluten-free oats. I eliminated oats from my diet the first 6 months after my dx, then reintroduced them and had no problems.
  12. I have been feeling bloated for about two weeks. I have the slightly protruding tummy that feels tight after I eat even a little meal. My sisters and my Mom (who have tested negative for celiac) drink Smooth Move tea when they feel this way, so I bought some. I know the tea is gluten-free but now I am reading that stimulant laxatives an cause cramping and damage to the intestinal lining. I am 25 and I know I drank this tea in high school without feeling more discomfort than anyone else. Do you think it is safe for me to try? I know my diet is a little lacking in fiber these days because I am incredibly broke, but I do eat a bowl of oatmeal and eat an apple with the skin every single morning and often drink ginger tea. I don't want to feel bloated anymore
  13. I met the brew masters wife. She has been drinking the beer since he started making it about 10 years ago. She is a celiac, and she has had multiple biopsies to confirm that her intestines are healthy. I have never had a problem drinking it. Sorry you didn't feel well, I know most celiacs are afraid of the stuff.
  14. Thanks! If anyone is curious, I found this answer on their site.
  15. I have been dealing with anxiety and it is still hard to tell if it is a symptom of my celiac or not. It comes and goes, and to be honest, I eat out a lot. Usually tacos with corn tortillas and that is it, but sometimes I will have a gluten-free option offered from a kitchen that cannot say there won't be any cross contamination. Maybe I should be extra obnoxiously strict for a month and see if it alleviates my anxiety attacks... Oh, and I totally drank half a Green Monster Odwalla about 6 months after I was dx'd. Mega face palm! But I actually didn't feel too terrible... a little bit of D and cramping, but that was it. Still, I no longer drink any Odwalla products.