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  1. My son started feeling better within 24 hours. The change over the first few days was unbelievable. Here we are 10 weeks later and he has gained 15 pounds and is a totally different 14 year old. Thank God we found out what the problem was. Celiacs Disease is easy to manage once you are aware that he or she has it.
  2. Here we are on June 7 and my son's weight has increased to 101lbs. He looks like a totally different person, and is so upbeat and happy about life in general. He (according to Dr.) has actually grown 1 inch in the last 10 weeks. If they are measuring him accurately, then I am thrilled. He has totally gotten used to the gluten free diet, and has no desire for all the junk food he used to eat.

  3. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease exactly 5 weeks ago and since we have had him on a gluten free diet, his appetite has increased drastically and he eats all the time. He went from 85.8 pounds to 97.2 pounds in four Weeks. He feels great and is so happy, as are we! He is 14 and is a twin. Puberty was obviously delayed because his brother is five inches taller than he is now and he was actually taller than his brother up until 18 months ago, and his brothers voice had changed and he obviously went through the change. Since the weight gain has taken place we are sure he will start growing very soon. Keeping our fingers crossed!