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  1. My oldest cat has a brain tumor and is too old to operate. He is on steroids and phenobarbitol.He also has hyperthyroid and I am using Lithium acetate.He has lost over 50% of his weight, my little girl cat has neuro issues that no one can figure out. She walks in circles, has artheritis in her front paws, losing weight, and cannot process what she sees. They think some sort of brain lesion, but not sure what. I take them to a holistic vet by the name of Judith Shoemaker about 40 miles from my home. She does chiro and acupuncure to help their bodies. They eat a raw diet and organic grain free canned. One rescue and 3 Maine Coons. They are my dearest friends and it is difficult. Thanks for your input. Marty
  2. I know what you mean about eating. I find it difficult enough being celiac and vegetarian and then on top of that, everyone has a opinion about everything else. Do fish oil, don't do fish oil. eat nuts, don't eat nuts. Sometimes the pain/discomfort makes me feel like I will never feel "good" again. Just to wake up and feel normal. When I lay in bed the back does not seem to bother me as much and sleep is fine as far a pain. If I stay in bed for a day or two, then I get depressed, because I think, this is how I'm going to spend the rest of my life???? I weigh what I weighed at 17, it was fine then, now I just look pathetic, everything hangs on me. I am only 5'2" and under 100#, small frame. No wiggle room to get sick. Cannot afford to lose anymore. Of course, the IBS is always lurking there in the background, ready to kick in. I do have an appointment with a PT who does myofasical release. Hopefully he is good. As far as the shots, I have only gotten them once and don't think I will do that again. I am wearing a lanocaine patch to see if that will help. I'll let you know how the PT works out. Thanks for listening and for the feedback. Marty
  3. Got some injections in trigger points in back, so I understand that concept. The two ill cats are ongoing. Not sure if getting enough protein. Will check that will my chiro tonight who has said something about plant protein drink. Marty
  4. Thanks so much for all of the responses. I have had an abdominal ultrasound, no gallbladder issues, all organs looked fine, had MRI, discs okay, had x-ray, some osteopenia, nothing dramatic, had barium swallow, mild reflux. My DO believes that years and years and years spent in front of the computer (my job) and the last seven not really sitting/working correctly has caused repetitive strain, which in turn causes digestive issues. This is not something really new for me as when anything in my back goes out, it affects something on the other side. This time, just much worse and for a much, much longer time. T-4 to T9 trigger points are extremely tight. Release is difficult though he managed to do a little yesterday morning. I sat with heat lamp on it last night, helped to calm it down and helped the reflux. I feel like a dog chasing my tail. Maybe your right, too many supplements, trying too much, but because I have been battling this for so long, I am beside myself. I have been a vegetarian for over 35 years, though I do eat fish and eggs. I eat organic, plenty of veggies, use olive oil for cooking, salads, use coconut oil in cerals. The stress with my animals is ongoing. One is getting ready to leave and the other has neuro issues. They are both senior and I guess I should expect that, but it has been stressful and been going on for 3 years. They are very dear to me and they are both still eating and wanting to be with me, so there is no question about "assisting" them. I worry about having more food allergies and because my diet is already so limited, I am not sure what else I could give up. I need to gain weight, any suggestions that would not upset my stomach. Marty
  5. It's been awhile since I have looked at this forum. Thought I was really doing okay. Diagnosed in 2005, been gluten free since then. Diagnosed with Hashi's in 1999. On dissicated thyroid. Lab levels fine. In 2009 began to have some mid back pain, but because I was in the midst of changing thyroid meds, thought it was all from that. Had a few months of discomfort, then everything seemed to even out. This year, bad cold in summer with fever and cough that lasted a month. Then in September mid back spasms began again, this time with indigestion, heartburn. Been to massage therapist, PT, DO, have done TENS, PENS, heat, cold, acupuncture and everything but the kitchen sick. December began to have horrible heartburn. Had a barium swallow and it showed mild reflux and small hiatia hernia (been there for over 20 years) and mild esphogitis (sp?). Taking DGL, Aloe, probiotics, raw honey, L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes, slippery elm tea, chew gum after I eat. I have no appetite. I am also a vegetarian. I have lost more weight than I can afford and am constantly worried that this will never end. I have not felt well in so long, I fear I will be like this until I die. I am seeing a physical therapist next week who does myofascial release to see if that will help. I feel nauseous most of the time and am afraid to eat anything. One person says no nuts, no nuts butter, no fat, another, eat nuts. This is all so confusing. I could use all the help I can get. I feel utterly alone and don't know what to do next. I have tried Priolec and Zantax and Pepcid. None of these worked and from what I have read, do more harm than good. A lot of stress, two cats that are very ill. Thanks for listening. Marty
  6. Hi, haven't been here in a while, hopefully I can get some feedback. Diagnosed with Hashi's in 1999, celiac in 2004, IBS in the 60's. Am currently on 75mg of Armour after trying to do a compounded T-4 due to high (+1000) antibodies which doc thought Armour might be contributing. Long story short, back on Armour 4-5 months ago and began a trial of LDN to try and get the antibodies down and to also help with the celiac portion. Recently developed reflux, noisy,gurgling stomach, loose bowels, sometimes diarrhea (strict celiac and vegatarian) back aches, and general feeling not all that good, sometimes difficulty swallowing (one reason we increased the Armour, was only doing 45mg daily, with 48mcg of compounded T-4). I take a really good probiotic, L-Glutamine every day, D-3 (metagenics), get a B-12 shot 2x a month, selenium, folic acid and eat organic. Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions that maybe I haven't done, tried. I am at my wit's end. Bloodwork okay, just went for UA on thursday and when they did the dipstick there were mild traces of blood, they're sending out to lab. Thanks for any feedback. Marty
  7. Has anyone had any issue with a generic form of Lomotil. I have taken this medication off and on for years. Summertime is always rough on my digestive system and sometimes I have to resort to Lomotil to help quiet things down. I only need maybe 3-4 a month, but it helps. Got a new prescription filled and it was a different manufacturer. Took it at 8:15AM, by 11:30, I could hardly swallow without extreme pain in my back and then I broke out in a cold sweat and felt faint. It evidently passed, but it was scary and all I could do was assoicate it with the medication. I have had blood work done recently and an EKG and everything was fine. Has anyone else had issues with meds. Thanks. Marty
  8. If I get to know my veggies any better, I think my husbanc will leave me. MartyG
  9. Glad I found this topic although I am not sure if anybody will come back to it. I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 1999 and on Armour until last month when they put me on Thyrolar because of extremely high antibodies. It seems the lactose in the thyrolar has upset my stomach, because I am have constant loose bowels, but then again with the thyroid I never know what state it might be in and hot/humid summer does not help. Having two auto immune issues are overwhelming at times and I often wonder if being on a limited diet causes more food allergies (I am also a vegetarian). Any suggestions, feedback would be greatly appreciated. I sometimes think there is a feeling of "aloneness" associated with these illnesses. MartyG
  10. I do not normally do milk, yogurt (cheese does seem to bother me) so I don't know if there is a problem. Years ago when I did drink some milk, I always bought the lactose free. I don't normally do dairy, except some cheese.. I've been eating mostly rice and don't know if I am becomng allergic to that. Can celiac's develop allergies to the limited grains that are permitted. Thanks. Marty
  11. Hey, I was diagnosed with celiac in 2005, IBS in the '60's and Hashimoto's thyroid in 1999. I recently had to change my thyroid meds because my antibodies had reached over 1,000. The pill, I discovered yesterday, has lactose and corn starch in it. Is it possible that the ingredients, due to an already compromised system, have a negative effect. We also went out about two weeks ago and as soon as I got home, I had a serious bout of diarrhea. Now I spoke with the chief and let him know my limitation, but who knows. Also, because the diet has it's limitation (I am also a vegatarian) does anyone thing it is possible to become allergic to the few grains that we can eat, and if so, what then. Thanks for your response. Marty
  12. I have just found out that the new thyroid medication contains Lactose and corn starch. I wonder if that would have an impact on the digestive system. Thoughts. Marty
  13. Thank you for your responses. I have been a vegatarian for over 35 years. For ethical reasons, so change is not something that is possible for me. Sometimes with the other health issues I don't know if the thyroid is acting up, the medication, or whether the IBS is kicking in. It is all very frustrating. I have been feeling good for several years, but do have periods of time when things get a little off. I also have structural issues where my lower back and hip go out and need to be realigned. I just really feel down when stomach issues come up. It has been like this for most of my life and sometimes it is discouraging. Thanks, Marty
  14. Hi, I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2005, thyroid in 1999 and IBS in the '60's. and have been following a gluten free diet since then. Been feeling fine for the most part. I also have IBS and Hashimodos thyroid and have recently changed my thyroid medication due to high antibodies. I am currently on Thyralor. I was on Armour for nine years. I have been experience more digestive symptoms in the last two weeks and did not know if there is also a seasonal aspect to celiac. More hot and humid weather seems to alter my digestion. I have taken lomotil to help control the spasms and the constant need to be in the bathroom, but the rumbling and grumbling continues in my gut. Does anyone else have periods of time when digestive issues come back even though nothing in your diet has changed. Any feedback would be appreciated, because this stuff makes me crazy and anxious which does not help. I am also a vegetarian, so my diet is already very restricted. Not sure what else I can eliminate. Thanks, Marty