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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Im a passionate lactavist and intactivist who also enjoys disc golf, camping, hiking, yoga, gardening or anything that involves nature!
  1. Probiotics?

    Ive been reading alot about the many benefits of eating fermented foods or taking supplement probiotics for celiacs/gluten sensitivities, and was wondering what other celiacs have experienced with this and what your daily regimen is? I find it hard to get enough fermented foods in my diet and I heard that Braggs ACV is a great place to start. Not all over the counter probiotics are great so was wondering which brands in particular some of you have benefited from. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Im still new to the forum and still unsure of what it is thats exactly going on with me. Ive had horrible experiences with doctors and dont trust a one of them, so Im trying to take control of my health if at all possible. My symptoms are as followed...fatigue, insomnia, severe cramping, occasional stomach bloating, severe dry/flaky scalp, forgetfulness, foggy head, constipation/diarrhea off and on and very fatty stools currently(sorry if TMI) Ive spoke to a few people who are gluten intolerant that agree that it may be celiac but Im still unsure...Ive already begun a gluten-free diet and feel much better, alot of my symptoms have diminished, but Im still very tired/weak and my bowel movements are still abnormal(its been about 2 mths since gluten-free) Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions for a newbie!
  3. Self Diagnosed Newbie

    My son and I have been gluten-free for over a month now. I dont need the diagnosis bad enough myself as I see Im already improving on the diet. It still does feel strange saying Im celiac when I havent been properly diagnosed and some people think Im crazy for self-diagnosing! I just want my mother to see that she shows the same symptoms and will try and do something about it. Would you suggest that she have a biopsy since she hasnt gone gluten-free yet or should she try the diet 1st???
  4. This is my first time posting in the forum, but Ive been reading your stories for weeks,seeing the same symptoms and concerns that I have. Had bloodtests and many drs visits and always came up with nothing. All of my symptoms started a yr ago after my son was born and drs always claimed my body is just healing and changing from childbirth and that I have IBS. I knew in my heart that "something" more just wasnt right, thats when I found out about celiac and just went thru the list checking off almost every symptom in the book. I then decided to go ahead and try a gluten-free diet for both me and my son. Its obviously working, Ive been accidentally glutened a couple times and all my symptoms came back again. My question though is should I have any kind of genetic testing done, for myself, my son or mother(who has been struggling for yrs with many of the same symptoms)? I feel good enough on a gluten-free diet to not feel the need for a biopsy or a dr to tell me I officially have it, but Im mainly concerned about my 1 yr old son and if this is something I could pass to him or future children. Thank you in advance for any help!