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  1. Hey all, thank you for the advice! I've been eating like crap agian and thus feeling just as bad. I'm trying to get back into eating gluten free agian, but its so hard sometimes when I stop over at a friends and what not, and they are eating pizza or cookies....and i love pizza and cookies...and everything in between. I didnt know that about the health care....thats interesting... Anywho, take care, Ill update occasionally
  2. Hello All! So I am semi new to this community, and I was just looking for help in trying to figure out my blood test results. I've had digestive symptoms for years, and always just thought it was a "part of life" and delt with it. After a stressful move across country, July of 2010, my symptoms worsened. It was to the point where I wanted to boycott food altogether lol Anyway it was about a year ago that someone suggested my symptoms could be Celiac, and It took me almost a year to get around to getting tested. I went gluten free for a month or so to see how I felt, but I had already scheduled a doctors appointment at the GI office....i started eating everything bread related for a couple weeks prior to the testing, including buying a loaf of disgusting wheat bread..and eating most of the loaf...gag. I literally felt like i was dying...brain fog...fatiuge ( i cant spell...haha), severe bloating and pain, sometimes "D"...i missed work...blah blah blah...anywhoooo Got testing done through TriCore...and this is what was all in the "celiac panel" IgA: Sufficient Gliadin IgA Ab: 8 (ref range 0-19 Units) Tis. Transglut Ab IgA: 15 (ref range 0-19 Units) it seems like its negative...and after all the research i have done, i thought there would be more included in the testing...it was really really dirt cheap so I dont know....I hope someone can help me on this...should I get retested? I cant afford to get scoped (which I hear is the Gold Standard)...Cause I have no health insurance. Thank you for the help....sorry for the long rant haha ~Angie
  3. Rosetapper, I've researched the Paleo diet as well, and it all just makes sense! I am currently reading "The Paleo Solution" By Robb Wolf, and its an amazing book,an easy read, and funny as well. I havent been diagnosed with Celiac, however I have a docs appt in a week. Ive suffered from digestive issues for what seems like forever...but regardless of the results I am cutting gluten, grains, and dairy out of my diet so hopefully I can feel normal again...