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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A Biopsy

    Thank's everybody and i hope i'll get better soon with the gluten free diet
  2. A Biopsy

    To be honest with you i have lots of symptoms , stomach problems , ibs , anxiety , panic attacks but since i started the gluten free diet i managed to eat , i'm having my appetite back again , i'm not feeling that sad like i was before ( i'm not crying for no reason now i'm fine), i'm bit worried because i'm not sure if all of this is caused by my celiac disease , and i'm not sure wether it will go away or not in couple of months , the doctor i'm with at the moment doesn't care at all , she didn't even believe i had a celiac disease at the age of 2 until i had to show the medical record because the blood test was negative . We will see how it goes in 2 to 3 months
  3. A Biopsy

    I got fed up of doctors , how long will it take to get rid of gluten ?? how long will it take for the symptoms to go away if they are related to my celiac disease
  4. A Biopsy

    This was at the age of 2 , had been on gluten free diet for 16 years ,then stopped it at the age of 18 and after 4 years of gluten started having ibs symptoms , anxiety , panic attacks and lost 11 lbs , had to come off gluten again without listening to doctors and it's been 4 week since i went on gluten free diet again.
  5. A Biopsy

    Hello everyone , could anyone explain to me in details what this result means : villous atrophy grade 4( i was diagnosed with the celiac disease at the age of 2 ).
  6. Celiac Disease And Anxiety

    I have lots of symptoms at the moment anxiety , panic attacks and ibs symptoms it could be the celiac disease back again or something else i feel so down because doctors couldn't do anything about it even the blood test was negative i have a feeling its it back again i had been on gluten free diet for 16 yrs
  7. Has anyone experienced anxiety and panic attacks as a result of gluten intolerance , if so could you please tell me how severe the panic attacks were and how long did it take you to get over them .
  8. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR your answers and i'll do i'll try to get an appointment but i would say here in the UK , it's hard i have to get through a GP(general pract) to get referred , i'll start looking after my self i know my body better than doctor .
  9. You know why i'm worried a lot because i lost 5 KG in 6 months , i have ibs symptoms and i'm suffering for anxiety and keep having severe and frequent panic attacks for her it's a mental health problem , i tried SSRI but didn't work for me , i know i had lots of problems in the past and it could be the reason but the question is why i didn't get any better since i started having the stomach ulcer and ibs symptoms in december 2011. And if i take a copy of this she would be upset , she would ignore it , i don't know better than her , she is the doctor but i do believe that i know about celiac more than her , i'll give the medical record and she will have a look , i felt like she didn't believe me , she thinks i have never had a celiac disease and she said it's less likely for someone to develop a celiac disease at the age of 2
  10. Hello, I've just seen my GP today and all the blood tests i've done were normal (no anemia , no thyroid problem , no kidneys problem , no liver problem) , but i still have the symptoms of ibs or celiac disease (i was on gluten free diet for 16 yrs) as i said yesterday : http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/92704-is-it-my-celiac-disease-back-again/page__p__794304#entry794304 the doctor told me that it's almost impossible to have a celiac disease at the age of 2 years old , so i challenged her by bringing my medical record , i told her my celiac disease was found by doing an endoscopy ,i'm sure few people know that panic attacks and anxiety are signs of celiac disease , i had no glutenn for 5 days and started feeling better please check the link to see the symptoms i'm having. how accurate is the blood test for celiac disease , could it be negative even if you have the celiac .
  11. Negative Test Result

    If the endoscopy showed that you had a celiac disease that means you'll have it all your life it's like me i'd been on gluten free diet for 16 yrs then stopped and after 4 years i started havong ibs symptoms , stomach problems , lost weight , anxiety and panic attacks and much more and i believe it's it back again so went back on diet again without talking to the doctor , i did the test was negative but i'll do the endoscopy and see what i've got inside , and yeah if you have been on gluten free diet nothing will show up good luck that all what i can say
  12. Negative Test Result

    have you been diagnosed with celiac disease before ??
  13. who has experienced anxiety because of his celiac disease and could the celiac disease cause anxiety and panic attacks? Do you think that the blood test is the best way to find out about the celiac disease because i've done it before and it was negative , i believe that my celiac disease will never go away, but none of my family members has a celiac disease i'm the only one but i would say both of my mother and aunt have thyroid disease. I had been on gluten free diet for 16 years (2-18 yrs old), the doctors found out about it after doing an endoscopy ,it's been 4 years now with gluten , i feel like i'm going mad , having severe panic attacks , anxiety my stomach keep churning all the day i have a bad feelings in my tommy + the symptoms i mentioned before(excessive wind , bloating , abdominal pain, change in bowel, stomach ulcer , feeling tired , tingling , palpitations, feeling so sad and down and keep crying for hours with no reason , back pain ,stomach gurgling)
  14. Hello, I'm just wondering if somebody could help me because i'm worried a lot. I learnt about my celiac disease when i was young i was 2 years old that time when the doctor discovered my celiac disease none of my family members got a celiac disease i'm the only one who used to have it.i had been on diet for 16 years and then the doctor did for me an endoscopy and then told me to start having food with gluten slowly , it was such a good day for me and i thought i got over it for ever , gained weight and start looking better 4 years after stopping the gluten free diet and just recently started having lots of symptoms i had about 5 months stomach ulcer with diarrhoea , stomach gurgling , abdominal pain and i had to go back to gluten free diet again because i thought it was it back again , went to see my GP and the doctor did for me a blood test , everything was fine the test was negative which it means it's not a celiac disease , then referred to hospital and said it was a sign of infection , did an ultrasound and everything looked normal , he said everything was fine got better when i started gluten free food , and got over the pain ,he told me to start eating normally i did so and started eating food with gluten and 1 month later started having some haemorrhoids , went to see him again , gave me some medication and referred to a clinic and the doctor there said he would look at my bowel , i forgot to mention to that specialist that i used to be celiac so he told me , so i'll see him next week , couple of week after having the haemorrhoids started having panic attacks , anxiety and depression the doctor put me on SSRI tried both of citalopram and mirtazapine but didn't work for me , after being 5 weeks on mirtazapine started having a yellow diarrhoea which is a sign of an infection and could be a sign of celiac disease and then started having abdominal pain , stomach kept gurgling and making too much noise even people could hear it , muscles pain , feel so tired , lost 5 Kg , legs tingling (i don't know if it's something to do with anxiety and panic attacks), back pain ,feel so sad keep crying for no reason for hours , sometimes feel sick and dizzy but i haven't vomited , i feel bloated and keep having an excessive wind that smells , i started the gluten free diet again 2 days ago please help what should i do. I need an URGENT answers . THANK YOU>