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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Frustration

    Thank you, Cara! You give me hope and inspiration. I came home from work today so foggy brained and tired, I just wanted to sleep. I had no idea I was being affected in this way. The only thing I can say has really improved is my GERD. I am down to an occasional Tum now, and I am so amazed at this. I did a step-down, if you will, from PPIs to H2 Blockers, to just Tums. The heartburn has been tremendous and nothing was helping till I went gluten-free. Again thanks!
  2. Ok, so I am learning. Good. I just am not sure of myself yet. I know it is other grains besides wheat so I was fearful they hid one of those in there somehow. Maybe in the seaonings or flavorings. I guess it's ok then, so thanks much for the info.
  3. No, it doesn't say wheat anywhere, but from my reading up on this, I thought they could hide anything under "Natural Flavorings?
  4. Does anyone know if these chickens sold by Martins and Giant foods is gluten-free? I have tried to reach this company and they close their offices at 1p. Must be nice. I looked online for an answer but could only find info on Purdue. I lookd at the label and it says Native Corn Starch, whatever the heck Native means. But, it has the Natural Flavorings. I am a Newbie and am struggling with labeling. Thanks.
  5. Frustration

    Yes, I am agreeing with what you said. I wasn't clear in my post. I am a Newbie and overwhelmed, so another poster had said to get my diet straight first, and then, move to the personal care products. I want to get every speck of gluten out of my diet, but you have to start somewhere...you can't do everything at once. I plan on checking everything within time, but diet for me is my primary concern right now, and I will fit in the other items as I can.
  6. Frustration

    Thank you! I was really worried about the personal care products. I wondered though, they don't go in your gut, so maybe not worry so much about them now. I did check my toothpaste and motuhwash. I guess my concern is removing every speck of gluten from my diet, and see if the health problems I have suffered from for 58 years get any better.
  7. Frustration

    Well, before I would say I was a big pasta, bread, pizza, summer veggies, fruits eater. I never seemed to have much meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. Now, I am so unsure of everything the easiest for me is to stick with grilled meat and veggies. I feel like now,I am into way too much animal products. I am probably not making much sense, but I am unsure of myself. I have had massive GERD/heartburn issues recently which PPI's, H2 blockers, and everything else you can think of, were not solving the issue. So that limits me food-wise also. But strangely, in the 5 days I have been gluten-free that seems to be easing somewhat, and I was on that crappy Prilosec for 10 years. I hope I am healing the damage I have done to my gut by staying on that crap. In the 5 days I have been gluten-free, I have had a headache every day, fatigue, brain fog, feel like crap. Could all this be withdrawal? I just don't have the energy right now to put into diet, so I stick with meat and potatoes. I have spent too much in the health food store, for gluten-free foods, and then throw them out because they don't taste any good. I guess I need my energy back.
  8. Frustration

    Hi everyone! I am new to these boards so I hope I am posting to the correct board. I am so overwhelmed with trying to convert my life to the gluten-free lifestyle. I am only 5 days into this, and I am tired, cranky, headachy, hungry, scared, etc. The only thing that seems to be a bit better, actually alot better, is my heartburn/GERD issues. I have been reading and doing quite a bit of research, but I have been so darned tired, I barely have the energy to hit the grocery store. I have been sticking to a meat and potatoes diet, and that is not me. I am not big on animal protein, but for now, it seems to be the only thing I can be sure of. I feel like I go to the kitchen, stop, and run to the Internet, or phone for information, before I can use even everyday items. Does this ever get any easier?? I miss eating out. I miss so much at this point. I didn't even want to try baking yet, so I went out and bought some gluten-free cookies, just to have that sweet taste. Oh, man am I overwhelmed and frustrated. If it was just a matter of taking the grains out of my diet, that would be one thing, but gluten is everywhere, and these products seem to change daily. I haven't even gotten to bath and body products, but I have at least gotten through meds. Can anyone offer some advice for this transition. Thanks so much!