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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Four years ago I started experiencing stomach, bowel, and skin condition issues. It started with a rash that spread from my lower trunk to my upper trunk, upper arms and face and back. I have always had odd rashes undiagnosed but this one lasted for 2months and was mostly undiagnosed as everything came up negative on testing from the doctor. One dr. did tell me I have dermotagraphism, raised welts caused by any type of pressure or scraping on skin. She wrote my name on my back and showed me. I also experienced pain and bloating of my belly to the point that I begged to be put in the hospital until they figured out what was wrong with me only to be met with laughter, yep laughter. I saw several doctors for all of my symptoms which included weight loss, fatigue, mental fog, pain in joints and bones, loss of appetite, nausea, tingling in lips tongue finger tips and toes, gas upon eating, etc. I was placed on 14 different medications which I finally went off of due to the drs just treating symptoms and not getting to the root of issue. My dr finally sent me to a surgeon to have a hiatal hernia surgically fixed only for me to find out that I do not have one. The surgeon sent me to a different hospital for 3 days worth of tests. All tubes down my throat and into stomach to check on acid reflux and to a gastro dr to see what else was going on. The gastro dr told me that I have lactose intolerance and IBS. I went back to the surgeon who had my final tests and told me that I do not have any acid reflux but that she consulted with a team of dr's and her colleague who is a naturopath as well as surgeon, he felt that I was hitting almost all markers for Celiacs as well as the surgeon having tests results from an endoscopy that I have 2 yrs previous that she felt showed Celiacs although I was not diagnosed by that dr as having. She strongly urged me to seek out my family physician and urge her to test me for celiacs. The surgeon also set me up with a nutritionist to learn more about Celiacs. I went to my dr. and she declined to do the test and told me to go off of gluten for a while and see how I felt. Needless to say I felt better and alot of the symptoms went away. I went back to her and I asked her why she didnt test me to see if that was really the issue. She never quite gave me an answer and just told me to stay off gluten and that would be that. I kind of feel like she avoided being wrong, as at one point in the 4 years she suggested that I see a psyciatrist as she felt it was all in my head. I am living a gluten free life style, go to a nutritional therapist, and feel so much better, but am unsure if I should seek out another dr to get tested for celiacs? Thoughts from anyone who has been here.
  2. My sister was just diagnosed with Diverticulosis, I have Celiacs,what she is experiencing sounds like what I experience mostly, can there be a relation?
  3. New To Gluten Free Diet Please Help

    I have been in the same situation. Seasonings may contain gluten so you must be careful of what you use at home and it is fine to ask the restaurant for the list of ingredients that are in the seasonings they use. Good luck.