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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tazo Bottled Drinks And Gluten..?

    In regards to my "LAME" comment; it was more in regards to the situation as a whole. I understand the legal nature of this subject, and why she gave me the answer she gave me. However, I feel the employee could have explained more thoroughly the way in which their products are made, and the facilities they are processed in. I didn't mention this in my first comment but the person on the phone was short, and sounded like she could care less. When I call a company for information I expect to talk to a knowledgeable employee that actually knows about the products they produce; or at least cares to help their paying customers. Aside from that, the products I bought aren't even listed on their website. It's not like I bought some off brand at the dollar store; these are commonly sold/expensive drinks. The Tazo employee did say that their drinks are made in a facility that IS NOT ALLERGEN FREE. BUT NO WHERE ON THE DRINKS DOES IT MENTION ANY ALLERGEN INFORMATION. So maybe now you can understand why I might be a little upset with the situation. So all in all, the product probably doesn't contain gluten. But am I going to continue to buy a product in which the company makes no attempt to please their customers with food allergies? Never again. I can tell you this, there are millions of people in the United States with food allergies; if companies continue to be oblivious to that, they will eventually loose millions of dollars from people like me not buying their product.
  2. So I recently bought a bunch of the Tazo bottled tea drinks (all flavors) because they were on sale at Whole Foods. Anyways, after getting home I realized that I didn't even check the labels to see if there were any gluten containing ingredients; I just figured tea drinks would be gluten free. After checking the labels it doesn't list any gluten containing ingredient's, however, none of the flavors say "gluten free". Sometimes gluten can be hidden in "natural flavors" or via cross contamination. I went online to Tazo's website which was absolutely no help, it doesn't even list the bottled drinks at all. After doing more research online and even calling the company I am still left without a definite answer. The lady said they don't add gluten, however, they can't guarantee it's gluten free (LAME!). If anyone has any experience with Tazo as a brand, or more specifically the bottled drinks, please let me know if you have any knowledge to whether the drinks are gluten free or not. Also what kind of facility they are processed in, and if there is a possibility of cross contamination? Any help would be much appreciated. Just fyi the flavors I purchased are Organic Iced Black, Tazoberry, Giant Peach, Brambleberry, and Tea Lemonade.
  3. Yeah Reactive Arthritis is one of the less common immunologic/arthritic conditions. For the past year I have been taking Sulfasalazine which is mainly used to treat Crohns and Juvenile Arthritis, it works now but took months to see results. My doctor was considering starting me on Humira or Enbrel. Thats great yours is under control though. From hearing peoples stories it gives me hope that going gluten free could have many beneficial effects besides just the Celiac related issues.
  4. Any Tips For Gaining Weight After celiac disease Diagnosis?

    Why do you stay away from all grains? Even rice...? And what about brands of bread and so forth that claim to be completely gluten free? Thanks, Everyone's comments have been greatly appreciated.
  5. Well there is no question I have Reactive Arthritis. I actually was diagnosed with Reiter's syndrome which is a set of specific symptoms. But I was completely debilitated for 4 months, and it took a full year for it to go into remission. I couldnt even walk my joints were so swollen and my left eye was effected too. I am also positive for the HLA-B27 gene which is the same family as Ankylosing Spondylitis. They suspect that an infection triggered the immune response but they never cultured anything. At some point in my life this would have been triggered. My question is if the Celiac and this disorder have any genetic or immunological relationship. What came first for you, the rheumatoid, or Celiac?
  6. Been gluten free for almost two months now, Yay!

  7. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac (April 10th, 2012). In the past two years I have unintentionally lost nearly 50 pounds. 20 of which have been within the past couple months. Finally being diagnosed with Celiac was a Godsend, in that I finally knew what was most likely causing my weight loss. I have always worked out and have been in really good shape. Being a male, and someone that didn't have much weight to loose in the first place, I have really taken a hit to my self confidence and self esteem (not to mention all the other side effects of Celiac). If anyone has any tips for getting back to being healthy and eating gluten free, nutritious/high calorie foods, diet regimens, etc. please let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Honestly, I'm Stunned!

    I don't understand how people with Celiac could be overweight. I myself was recently diagnosed with Celiac after loosing 40 pounds. Keep in mind I'm a male and weighed 160 and now I weigh 120 and people think I'm anorexic. I guess I must of had Celiac for years and got to that malabsorption state. I've been doing everything in my power to gain weight but its been so hard. I'm happy for you being able to see the results you want. I wish that doctors would test for more intolerance's/allergies especially with those diagnosed with Celiac.
  9. Any Good Doctors In Utah?

    I was diagnosed with Celiac only a couple months ago and live in Utah. My current doctors seem to have no knowledge about celiac disease or just plain don't care. Does anyone know of any doctors in Utah that specialize in allergies/immune system problems. Thanks.
  10. I have been gluten free ever since being diagnosed. My arthritis symptoms have been under control for a few months now so it's hard to tell if going gluten free had any effect. I do wish there was more research out there on both disorders. From myself doing research it seems many people diagnosed with Celiac have related problems. Who knows how long I could of had Celiac though, maybe I had it for years and it finally triggered other immune responses in my body. But thanks for your input, I suggest you definitely get tested for Celiac! It's great being able to know for sure. Although I wish no one had to be allergic to anything!
  11. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease via small bowel biopsy on April 10th 2012. A year prior I was diagnosed with Reiter's Syndrome (Reactive Arthritis). I know that both diseases have to do with your bodies immune system; however, my current doctors deny any correlation between the two. My question is if there is anyway either Celiac or Reactive arthritis could of triggered the other to develop? I am 26 years old and this is the first time in my life I have ever had these sorts of problems.
  12. I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac about a month ago, I have been a user of Nioxin shampoo conditioner for years but the past few months my hair has been falling out like crazy. Could this be from gluten in the hair product, or do you think it's from being Mal-nourished for so long? Just FYI I currently use Nioxin Cleanser 2 and scalp therapy 2.