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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tonight is sausage & grapes (sounds weird but saw it on Barefoot Contessa & had to try it - LOVED IT.), brown rice & green beans.
  2. It's clean out the freezer time - we're moving & I'm finding all these wonders I kind of forgot about. I bought this cookbook (Radically Simple) that has all these amazing (EASY) recipes. Most of them are already gluten-free (or can be easily adapted). And don't let Hilde fool you- she's a holy living terror, but still a puppy. But a cute one, so she gets away with it!
  3. "thunder & lightning" - pasta (tinkyada), chickpeas, cracked peppercorn, and garlic last night... ...and tonight black and blue tuna over garlic asparagus & roasted cauliflower.
  4. Homemade pizza! Bob's Red Mill crust, fresh mozzerella, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil, green & black olives & onions. Kind of can't wait to get home from work! I just wish it weren't 90 degrees out - kind of weird for May in the upper Midwest.....
  5. I love chilaquiles! We're having steak fajitas, rice & refried beans.
  6. Last night - steak frites! SO GOOD! A very rare treat for us, though. With a dessert of Blue Moon ice cream. Tonight, I think blackened Mahi Mahi (my favorite), coconut rice, & spinach (husband has been on a huge spinach kick lately - maybe I will switch it up and make green beans or Brussels sprouts...).
  7. I just held a little piece of cheese riiiight above my iPhone. Hilde falls for it every time.
  8. Your Home Restaurant

    I just adapted Mark Bittman's (from How to Cook Everything) -- 1 stick of butter 1 c brown sugar (can use dark or light - I like light) 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or 1/2 teaspoon almond extract) pinch of salt 1 c all purpose flour (I find that Bob's Red Mill works very well cup for cup with this recipe, while Better Batter you have to add about 1/16 more) Bittman's possible additions -- 1/2c-1c chopped nuts 1/2c-1c chocolate chips 1/2 teaspoon mint extract (replace vanilla extract) 1/2c mashed bananas 1/4c bourbon or scotch 2 teaspoons espresso powder 1/2c dried fruit (cranberries, chopped apricots, raisins, etc)
  9. Your Home Restaurant

    I've used both homemade blonde brownies & Shabtai lady fingers. The blonde brownies were MUCH better!
  10. I gained weight, too, prior to diagnosis - I think mainly because I felt so crappy & my diet was so poor! I ate a lot of "convenience foods" and never was very active - I ached all the time and just was in poor health. Now I have been gluten free for some time, rarely eat premade gluten free foods & work out regularly & I have lots 40 lbs. I eat pretty much only fruits, vegetables & lean proteins and drink really only water & black coffee.
  11. Your Home Restaurant

    It depends on the crowd- Sometimes, we get the smoker out & smoke ribs or grill some steaks if it is our group of friends & roast potatoes in olive oil & sea salt & have something I made earlier, like Texas sheet cake or brownies. On the flip side, I make a simple mixed green salad with oil & vinegar dressing, homemade pasta sauce with Tinkyada noodles (no one can tell!) and a dessert (trifle makes a lot and is easy - no one can tell it is gluten-free) or cupcakes.
  12. Family

    My husband eats what I make (always gluten free fare), and if he cooks, he cooks gluten-free. He does still drink glutenous beer & if I'm making pasta, he has bread with it. For his work lunches, he brings a loaf of "regular bread" to work to make sandwiches if there are no leftovers to be had, or will have pretzels or granola bars.
  13. Five Guys Burgers And Fries For The Win

    The one by me is very understanding - the cashier (I have seen her there more than once) has a family member with celiac so she really gets it. We've had very good luck at Five Guys & another local chain (Beef a Roo).
  14. Watching - Game of Thrones & Mad Men, while I wait not so patiently for True Blood & Downton Abbey to resume Reading- That Woman: the Life of Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor (excellent, when I actually have the time to read. We are closing on a house in less than a month!)
  15. I've had them and they were just fine. There is a lot of food in there!