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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    i run for the bedford harriers in the UK. I am desperately trying to learn italian and i love chocolate brownies!
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Food Labels

    hello all, i'm surprised at a lot of these responses. in the UK the EU food labelling directive is being revised at the end of 2005 where upto ten allergens must be listed on labels of every food product. these allergens will include, gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, celery, soya and a few others. they are also changing some of these current rules regarding food labelling. at present a rule known as the 25% rule is in force. this states that any ingredient that makes up less than 25% of the overall product does not have to be listed in the ingredients. thankfully this rule is now being abolished and all ingredients of what ever quantity must be listed from the end of 2005. its frightening to think that these rules are not going to be renowned worldwide, especially when travelling to foreign countries. i guess an extra suit case for my travel pasta will always be part of my luggage!
  3. Cornbreads and muffins

    i found a recipe for an excellent corn bread on here but i can't find who posted it. the recipe included polenta, rice flour, tapioca flour, xanthum gum, baking powder, eggs, sugar and salt. i just wanted to thank you who ever you are, as its wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! but didn't last very long ) p.s. i'll post the quantities and instructions if anyone is interested.
  4. Frustrated

    hi heather erm, i have only one question...what exactly do you eat if you are nut, soya, milk, gluten free? where do you get your souce of protein from? take care, nic
  5. Coeliac And Sport

    hello pturse, i'm determined to find the answer to your problem if its the last this i do!!!! the dextrose tablets i buy are from a pharmacy, you should be able to find them there too. alternatively have a look at the article below...by mary poppins!! http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/news/article...UAN=917&v=4&sp= also do you eat sea food and fish? i can only tolerate a very limited amount of fish these days, probably due to the amount i used to eat as a child! i don't eat it often usually as a treat, and only after exercise, never before beacuse of the cramps. i used to be a vegetarian too but when i started restrictive dieting i found restaurants especially, were hard work and so frustrating. becasue i couldn't eat anything on the menu. i slowly began eating meat again after basically not having enough to eat! i only eat poultry and all kinds of pig as i still hate the thought of all that blood in red meats...yuck! i think i have mentioned this before but i'm a member of coeliac society in the UK. part of their membership entitiled you to a food and drink directory. this book is my bible, it lists every food and supermarket own brand food you can buy over here in the UK that are gluten free. i'm not too sure what the celiac society in the US provides but if they don't provide this service then push for it. it really does take the hassel out of shopping and guessing which foods are safe, (the ingrediatents lists on foods are always ambiguous). you can also write to your local supermarket for information on their own brand foods as they will have lists of their own for dairy, gluten and nut free foods. one last thing do you take vitamin supplements? if so have you checked they are safe? well, hope this helps, must get back to work. take care y'all, nic.
  6. Hidden Gluten

    hello i'm a member of coeliacs uk and every year they send me a food and drink directory listing brand named foods and supermarket branded foods that are safe and do not contain gluten. each month we get up dates and ammendments to the directory. isn't there a US version of this? it makes life alot easier. i do still contact manufactorures but as the directory is so detailed and contains so many foods i hardy need to. search the internet for a local group also as they can offer lots of good advise and its nice to meet others with a similar problem. hope this helps, nic.
  7. Coeliac And Sport

    hi pturse have you tried tread mill running to retain your strength as well as being close to the "you know what". it might help your digestive system as well as your confidence to carry out a long run that are worry free. i'm looking forward to doing my first competitive half marathon this year also. i'll be travelling abroad but i am worried that the food is not going to be safe or that i will simply starve for a week! have you tried simple dextrose tablets. they provide energy and are not full of fibre. they are also (the brand i buy) are free from gluten and milk. which is another point. you mention you are gluten free but have you tried excluding other food groups such as dairy? dairy allergies/intolerances from what i remember, have very similar effects to gluten. i have a problem with rice also so i limit the amount of that i eat (i generally stick to chocolate rice cakes for a treat, but i can still only tolerate one per day). it might be worth your while, as you have a long time before your marathon to try experiementing with other food exclusion diets. well, hope this helps, good luck with the marathon. might see you at the NYM soon. nic
  8. Coeliac And Sport

    hello marke & welcome to the board!! i'm from the UK too!! what a coincidence!!! i suffer the same problem when i run. not sure if this will help but have a read of article from the link below and try it out. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/news/article...UAN=917&v=4&sp= happy bicycling! n.
  9. Herbal Remedies For Gf Diet Stomach Aches

    thanks for all your suggestions. i am completely gluten free including barley, oats and rye. i also can't eat any rice or rice noodles so as you can imagine going out for meals is a real hassel. i also find myself not telling people my problem becasue it really puts them off, especialy men! i think too much fibre is my problem, but i am concerned about the dreaded colon cancer so not sure what to do about this one. i'll try the peppermint and ginger teas and plenty of relaxation exercises!! and hopefully it will work. thanks again, take care. nic.
  10. hello does anyone have any recomendations for herbal remedies they use to treat stomach aches. i have been gluten-free for a year now but still even when i know i am careful have very bad stomach aches. i avoid not only wheat and dairy but also foods like baked beans too many green veg but i still get this dull ache. a friend of mine uses aloe vera from forever living products but i find that not only does it taste awrful but it just has a laxativ affect. any one got any ideas? i find that going to a regular doctor with these problems is a waste of time as they just don't have the knowledge of what we go through. thanks, nic.
  11. Irregular Cycle

    hello i'm new to this board. when reading your comments a question popped into my head. are you sure your pill is gluten free? have you checked the ingredients? i phoned the company in the end to absolutely be sure before i started taking it. hope this helps. n.