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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help Again!

    In the testing/diagnosis area, I posted a question about blood tests. To the right, it says that I posted, but I can't find it inside. I don't know what I did wrong?
  2. Hi everyone. I am going to ask my doctor for the following blood work: IgA EMA IgA + IgG TG IgA These are the three I read about. My question is, can you test negative even if you are positve? And...do I need to eat gluten before getting the test? I'm so glad I found this message board!!
  3. Sugar

    You might look into candida re the bloating etc.. I think we are all "allergic" to pasturized dairy products. Even when we don't have symptoms. Pasturizing dairy makes it something far from what it really is. I have recently learned that raw goat milk is not only tolerable to people who can't have dairy but its actually healing to the intestines. And the thing about it is, it tastes really good. I tried pasturized goat milk that I bought at Whole Foods once and it was nasty. Raw goat milk is almost the same as cow milk, but a bit sweeter. Its actually delish! A bit more creamy because is is naturally homoginized and the fat doesn't seperate. The fat globules are also much smaller than cow dairy, another reason its more digestible. I NEVER thougth I would like it. I know a few people who homestead, so they rely on goat milk and they are all very healthy. I got a book called Goat Milk Magic that really got me interested. I found a local farm that milks the goats right into the container..talk about fresh...and was "willing" to try it. I was suprised to love it. I better love it, its 12 bucks a gallon!!!!! Anyway..I'm sure this is old news here, but www.bodyecologydiet.com is a good place to start re: candida/bloating etc...
  4. Or I'm just totally spaced out. Yesterday I posted a question about the gluten content of wheat grass..and I can't find it anywhere? Do posts ever disappear here, or am I just not seeing it? lol..I feel like a total moron...
  5. I can't find a sure answer on this. Does wheat grass(and kamut grass etc) contain gluten? I HAVE been drinking a green drink everyday.....perhaps thats my hidden gluten?
  6. My question is what about cross contamination? Can you *really* get something gluten free from a kitchen like that? Is there anywhere on this forum with a list of what people eat during the day? Like today for breakfast, lunch, dinner I had...I have noticed some of you have pretty extensive food allergies and I'm really curious what you eat daily. I hope you have fun at the wedding. I say eat in the car
  7. I would ultimately like to be free of all sugar including concentrated fruit sweeteners etc.. (for a time) but I'm not there yet. For now, just not seeing the words "sugar" and "unrefined cane juice" in everything would be great. Kasey's mom...I'll look into the whole approach. Is there a website? I'll google around. My dog's name is Kaicee and kids on my street call me Kaicee's mom, lol.
  8. Getting Decent Health Care

    I am so lucky to have a wonderful doctor. He is an MD, but leans heavily on the holistic side of things. I get acupuncture from him and I also get his time. He really listens, and thinks, and give me good advice. If any of you are in Western Ma (or willing to travel) he is a real blessing!
  9. I have such a hard time giving up sugar, but I do get myself to a place where I'm not craving it if I'm not eating it. That's what is so frustrating to me about the bread etc..its not even sweet but its enough to get into my blood and make me crave sweets. I am candida mama when I eat sugar at all. I was SO sick w/candida for a few years and now that I look back, I bet gluten was a bigger problem than candida. Man...I bet there are so many people out there who don't know why they are sick and its gluten. How sad.
  10. It seems I can't even eat things like pamela's cookies etc...all gluten free stuff including bread has sugar for some reason! Or does it? Is there anything out there that doesn't? Please say yes..lol.
  11. I've Fallen

    First I have to say holy %#$%#$ there is gluten in orange juice??? Also, you said you carry buckets of lead around. I did some research on heavy metal toxicity when I was dealing w/a filling that leaked once. I was mainly looking at mercury and nickel, but I remember reading that if you are toxic w/lead, one of the major things you notice is depresson and listlesness. Could you get a lead/blood test? Thats not something to mess with. I bet having something wrong w/your immune system like celiac would make you extra suseptible. Please excuse my spelling, I feel like I am spelling everything wrong and like I can't think enough to form a sentance. I have no idea whats up w/that! Feel better
  12. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to reply. What kind of test? Is it as simple as a blood test? The only gluten I have eaten has been the spelt. Is that enough for the test? Probably yes huh? I used to be able to get some really yummy pizza crust at Whole Foods that was gluten-free. Does anyone have a good brand of pizza crust?