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  1. I looked some stuff up so I'm going to go ahead and answer this question, in terms of the paper used for rolling papers there are 3 possible ingredients: 1. Wood pulp 2. hemp flax 3. rice straw Wood pulp does contains small amounts of gluten. Hemp flax does not. Rice straw seemed to be okay. Onto the next ingredient. Glue or adhesive. It is possible that gluten can be present within the glue used for adhesive. Most adhesive at that level contain gluten, for instance envelope glue does contain gluten. So can someone ingest gluten through smoke? Yes however during the energy exchange involved with being on fire some of that gluten will have broken down. So yes if they are smoking from cigarette level rolling papers they may be ingesting small amount of gluten. However there are brands of rolling paper made that actually don't make their paper out of gluten containing products. There all also many other ways to smoke marijuana that does not involve inhaling paper smoke for instance, pipe, bong, ingestion, etc. Vaporizers ask that the only thing the user actually inhales into their body is water, and therefore would be the healthiest option for the consumption of marijuana, a substance that is much safer to a celiac and non-celiac, than alcohol. So it really depends if these 2 people are being intelligent about their choice. If you know for a fact that they are not taking this into account maybe you should bring it up to them. Vaporizers are getting pretty cheap and mobile.