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  1. tocopherol i was just wondering about this very subject! what ARE the specific ingredients (in all beauty products)? reading the whole loooong list of ingredients just blows my mind...can't even pronounce them! do we have to be scientists?? what i'm asking is if there are 1, or 2, or 3, or more SPECIFIC ingredients we should look for on all products labels? the list looks extensive, so as mentioned in the post, it's the TOCOPHEROL that MAY be a problem...even that is questionable though. i hope my question is clear....
  2. hi. i was just thinking i continue to be glutened by ma hair products. for example, today i took off my glasses, and put the temple in my mouth, while i was contemplating something (you know....how people put a pencil or pen in their mouth). i realized when i do that, i'm probably glutting myself. i'm good at not eating anything with gluten...at least on purpose. i'm wondering about cleaning products now...dish soap, laundry soap, body soaps and lotions. it's been about 2-1/2 years since i was diagnosed, and i've never experienced a drastic change in my health. any thoughts?
  3. hello. i would never consume gluten on purpose! but, i have other food allergies like dairy and eggs. every now and then i'll let myself have some gluten-free bread (which has egg(s)...which makes it soft and fluffy), or something else that has dairy and/or eggs. my question is if those other allergies would cause neurological damage such as gluten?