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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I like to have fun...what more can I say. I am one of those people that does not have a hobby in a specific thing...just anything that can keep my intrest and a smile on my face.
  1. Walking Back

    I am not even sure what blood test I had done. He just said it was what they use to use but now there are new blood tests and they dont use that one anymore cause its not always correct. I did and I didnt find relief. I mean these last few weeks I felt fine and I even ate wheat by accident. But I dont understand what it is then! I mean I had every symptom from the brain fog, hair loss, in the bath room all the time, bad teeth, stomach cramps, stomach bloating ect. I even got a small rash on my ankle one day that was these small blisters, it didnt itch or anything but it was just like that one rash that celiac get (I totally forgot the name but you know what I mean). I mean what is wrong with me then! I have aten wheat now since friday believe me tons of it as soon as he told me I could I binged on wheat! I dont feel sick either! If your confused....imagine how I feel! I feel like I will never know what is wrong with me and every doctor and family member I say that too just shakes their head and says hang in there. I feel like I am screaming at them for help but no one will listen anymore...like they dont care!
  2. Walking Back

    Well I finally listened to my mother and went to the Gatronoligist. I hate doctors because I never seem to get good news but my friends all told me not to worry and that Im sure they will just tell you to keep up the good work on being gluten-free. The Doctor walks in and pulls the floor from my feet to watch me fall. He told me that he doesnt think I have Celiac Spru. He said that the blood test my original doc. gave me they dont even use anymore for celiac. Also he said that in my chart the doc. that did my biopsy both colonoscopy and endoscopy said that my symptoms match but from what he saw there was no damage to the Villi. However the nurse, who I should have questioned cause she lost my file and then just read it for the first time over the phone with me, anyways said that it looks like what we expected celiac. No he said symptoms match but physically it does not. So he said eat wheat. How do I change my entire life and spend so much time getting use to this new lifestyle to just tell me that they dealt me the wrong hand......when I played the game and I followed all the rules and now this! Whats wrong with me is what I asked him and I got the famous...well we are not sure yet. Those words put the fear right back in the bottom of my stomach and that is a feeling I do not miss. I just finally adjusted to having Celiac after I spent 6 months of reserching and dieting and all the specialty foods I ordered. The dinners I didnt eat at the parties I didnt drink at. Celiac may not have been the most exciting thing to have but it was an answer and I was happy with that.........now I dont know what to do anymore.
  3. I Ate Gluten....and I Feel Great

    Oh dont worry about being the bearer of bad news. I know its coming! I wish I could be one of those people who does not noticed when they get glutened, however my body does not handle it at all. I still dont feel sick or anything but I just feel like I cant focus on anything. Ick!
  4. I went to the health food store and grabed my brand of rice bread that I always get. Yesterday for lunch I had two peices of toast and than last night I started to eat another piece. I was talking and just reading the package for some reason and saw the word organic and almost died. It was not rice bread it was orgainc wheat bread! I started to cry instantly because I have been doing so well with eating gluten-free foods only...finally! Then this happens! Only its been over 24 hours now and I dont feel sick at all! Not even a little! I am tired but when am I not tired. I am thinking that maybe my body just hasnt reacted to it yet.....kinda weird its like I am waiting for the storm to hit ya know? Is there a chance that my boby wont react?? kinda confused here becasue last time I ate 3 bites of ice cream with wheat I was sick the next day and bloated and it lasted about a week. makes ya think right? p.s. I have decided that we all deserve an award for being such good scientist and doctors because the way I see it the only ones studying this disease is Celiac's themselves. Good work guys your brilliance will see us through!
  5. WOW when I first read this post I thought it was myself talking! I too was worried about weight gain after I had an eating disorder for over a year! I thought for sure the reason I had this disease was because of the anerexia. Unfortunatly since I have been on this gluten-free diet I have gained about 12 pounds I know that I should be eating healthier still but it seems impossible becasue when I eat full meals I gain weight like mad! I think its just my body getting use to the nutrition it is absorbing. I am going to see doctors next week and am avoiding the nutritionist because I know they will try to make me eat all these food that I will gain weight from but some days.... I think its worth it....other days I refuse to go back to that 170 pound girl I once was!
  6. I just bought spices by a company called Simply Organic just wanted to know if they were safe to eat before I tried it...anyone know? also was thinking about making Chili so wondering what types of spices I can use? Ha Ha one more sorry the questions are just rolling off the top of my head, how about ranch dressing what brands are safe? Have a great day!
  7. I know how you all feel I work full time and go to school full time. I was suppose to graduate this spring but ended up failing classes because I was sick for most of the semester before I was diagnoised. This semester I left a class easier and thought it would help if I explained myself to my professor and she just said "Dont make this a habbit". As if getting sick is just a really bad habit of mine. Not to mention the nasty comments I recieve from my job when I call in. However ever since I have been taking vitamins by the truck load and really watching what I eat.....lets just say I can smile again. I do have my days where I just want to lay in bed....like today. Those are the days I slack at work and make up for it tomorrow when I feel a bit better. I have learned not to fear this disease anymore becasue there is not much more it can take away from me....now comes the fun part...winning it all back
  8. P.S. I have a new theory...Gluten is in the air! LOL I swear I breath and I am contaminated! I left my class early the other day because I was sick and tried to explain my situation to my professor...I think he thinks I was looking for pitty! Great that is all I need!
  9. Hey there guys my name is Janelle I am 20 years old as well and just diagnoised with Celiac 3 days before my 20 b-day...what a gift! LOL I know what you mean by this site being confusing! When I first joined (because my moms wishes) I never went on it because I couldnt figure it out! Now its like my best friend.... I mean all my other friends dont understand me so at least there all of you that do! Take care all!
  10. I was reading how you all dont remember anything from the procedure....I am thinking about going back to my GI doc no and yelling at him. I was almost in tears during the colonoscopy and he kept telling the nurse give her more giver her more. I wanted to be like yea knock me out nurse I dont want to be awake for this! I remember everything and though it wasn't a pleasant experience It was not that bad compared to some of the symptoms I go though when I get glutened ya know? Now that is pain and that is pain for days. So coming from a girl that was fully alert through both endoscopy and colonoscopy....you'll be just fine!
  11. I actually had blood in my stools for a couple of weeks before they finally believed me that there was something wrong. I had the colonoscopy and when they were done with that they were like lets do the endoscopy too. I think they waited til I was so druged up to tell me about the other one Anyways I still dont know what the blood was from and once in a while it comes back. The GI really didnt know why either. What did they say was the cause of it for you???
  12. How Do You Do It?

    My problem is that I get glutend by things with hidden ingredients...I am not even sure if it is gluten! I have not gone more than a week of feeling perfectly fine in about 6 months now and I dont know what I am doing wrong!
  13. Swollen Stomach

    I wish mine would go away in the morning. It has been swollen since Sunday and will be until friday I am sure. I get so embarassed and feel so uncomfortable! Last night it was so huge my sister wanted to take me to the ER but Ihad to talk her down from her mini freak out. I am just so frustrated I am not even sure what I did wrong. It just happens out of no where I mean during the week I am just huge! Then the weekend it goes down for 2 days and then comes back and I dont eat differently! I dont even want to go to work today because I get so ashamed of how huge my tummy is that i just try to hid from people all day....which never works! So hard to stay so positive when all the odds are against you. I use to drink Vanilla Rum but that mad me sick too.... Anyone know a rum then that is okay...or maybe I am just not allowed to drink anymore...oh great that would go over well with all my friends.
  14. I only usually know if I ate wheat or gluten because my entire stomch swells. It is awful looking and it usually last about 5 days to a week! I was gluten free or so I thought for 3 days finally! Then yesterday everytime I ate I felt sick! Top it off I drank UV Blue Raseberry Vodka....Any one know if the is gluten-free???? I didnt think it was on the "no list". Anyways so my stomach went from being almost flat to me looking 6 months pregnant, literaly. I came down stairs this morning and my friends that were here almost fell to the floor when they saw my tummy! I just started to cry cause I have only been able to last about 3 to 4 days gluten-free since I have really started to try about 3 months ago. It is so frustrating and I feel so sick right now and I cant afford to take off any more work or school! I was just wondering about the liquor if it is gluten-free or what liquor is not? Also if anyone has a symptoms as bad as mine??
  15. I had a blood test, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. They all showed celiac although nothing about how bad the damage was or anything.