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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. lol I guess Kraft Monterrey Jack may be safe then? I am going to try it with my cooking and see if it works for me.
  2. Four years ago I had an inguinal hernia repair. Sometimes I get so distended from my Celiac Disease that the area where my hernia repair was hurts extremely bad and is under excessive pressure, as does the rest of my abdomen. Can this excess pressure from bloating on my abdomen cause hernias? I get to a point where all I can do is lay on my back as the usual areas where hernias can form burn under the pressure. I was checked and clear of any hernias two days ago by the hospital, however I worry, as causes of hernias are still somewhat a mystery to me, all I know is you can get them from increased abdominal pressure. Is the bloating I get from Celiac Disease putting me at risk for a hernia recurrence, or new hernias? I am extremely worried.
  3. We cook a lot of Mexican food here, so I will keep you in mind, and if I can find one, will let you know asap, as I am currently researching Mexican food for Celiacs.
  4. I am a newly diagnosed Celiac, and am now very conscious of what I eat. My wife is Mexican, and we live near the U.S.-Mexico border, so naturally, I eat a lot of Mexican food. My concern is, is Mexican food safe for my Celiac Disease, most specifically my favorite dish as follow: 3 Enchiladas: (She replaced the flour tortillas with corn) One Chicken One steak strips One cheese (Each Enchilada is topped in a meat/gravy sauce with avocado and tomatoes on top) Fried Rice (in olive oil) with diced carrots and peas. Re-fried pinto beans with a little salt, and a generous amount of Garlic powder. Corn tortilla chips, and a tomato based sauce with chili peppers and onions. Are the modifications safe, and is my favorite meal safe overall? I'm Italian myself, so mine and my family's cooking is a no go at the moment until we can modify them and find some gluten free noodles and sauce additives. I love to eat and cook, so this is so depressing! Can someone please help? Thank you.
  5. Have you tried a gluten-free diet to see if it changes anything?
  6. I recently ended up in the ER with sever distension. I had become so severely distended that they had to do a colon evacuation and foley-cath to drain my bladder and kidneys. It turns out I have Celiac Disease, and have been living on an all gluten diet (times are tough so I have been eating a lot of 99c fast food and ramen noodle type meals). Apparently my body couldn't take it any more and I ended up unconscious, severely distended and rushed to the ER. I'm a decent weight, 6'0ft and 180lbs. I was released after the distension was safe enough for my organs to function without pressure, however I am still extremely bloated. I am on day 3 of the gluten free diet, but am concerned, how long will this bloating last? Does it eventually go away if I stay 100% gluten-free?