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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Im now simply removing gluten. Still eating rice. But doing this 2-3 days and already noticing 100% improvement. Medication cant always help so if this is the root Cause then hallelula. Just weird how gluten took so long to manifest into auditory hallucinations. Hate saying that! But Its crazy.
  2. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    I understand GFinDC, But i think there are so many open questions. Like, why did grains eliminate my problems (not eating them). Why did I sometimes feel crazy even from eating too many carbs. So, what im trying to say, is maybe im not celiac, maybe its some sort of other issue. There are just so many theories out there. Like what if a gut imbalance causes this or that. And maybe not eating grains (if u cant fully digest them), your gut bacteria come back to normal. I have no idea, but i think personally i can cheat, but my last grain free 2 month stretch i never cheated. Thanks
  3. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    I tried posting that i am in fact doing this way of eating again. Just not going to be a nazi about it thats all. Like if im going to eat a slice of pizza, just have it etc then go back to grain free for awhile.
  4. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Nm tried deleting my post. Im not sure im going to be able to eat this way, and i wasnt always schizo eating grains, so i dont know whats up. :/
  5. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Actually yeah i may just try to do more of a ketogenic primal-like diet.
  6. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Thanks GGinDC for your help. And analog that has been my true experience. I think for me, not eating grains stops the mind from racing, and i achieve an inner calm that feels zen-like. I remember thinking that to myself. I think it could be more related to what that lady eats, which is ketogenic. It calms the mind way down. For me i exercise a lot so i need some carbs. I think schizophrenia is an overactive mental state surrounded by constant stimulation all around you and you basically just go crazy. Personally, i feel sane if im in a quiet forest. This diet calms my mind down so i achieve a "focus" at all times.
  7. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    I havent been back to this forum since my last posted "experiment" i was going to, but never made it. But Im going to do it again, i have to, im out of options. Ill try to throw in some updates over the months. Im going "grass-family"-free. The sugar plant comes from the same taxinomical family as grains, so im avoiding that whole family. Its dumb, i dont need to eat grasses/grains, so why hurt myself. All i remember is i was on ZERO medications. Life wasnt "easy", but I got through some hurdles.. then when I decided to give up 2 months later because i was sick of restricting my diet, well, Anyways.. I used to be a raw foodist once. Its very amazing the power of foods. The great thing is we can exert some control, simply by avoiding certain foods.
  8. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    2nd day no grains other than a beer and handful of corn chips. Going to keep up with it, those muffins were tempting me
  9. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Well for me the mental side of things (which is the main one, since i dont get stomach problems), go away within days. I got started on it but then fell back into grains because of situational things but im going to try a 4 day spurt no grains
  10. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    The time has come to go grain free again. Ive successfully been treating my "schizo" symptoms with an antipsychotic and a benzo. But, i want to be able to watch movies again which i cannot and am not interested in, when eating grains. Anyways I know i made a post last about doing it but i got lazy. This time im serious and will probably keep it up and so a lil experimentation with dairy and high low carb/starch variations. Ill post updates. Seems silly if indeed grains are causing my problems.
  11. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Well after I was having the best mental health of my life I started eating all sorts of carbs because my job required lots of exercise. Combined with this time of year basically I can't remember feeling crazier. Doing some reading but ill be going scd legal carbs. Fruit veg nuts. No dairy unless kefir I make myself. Sorry no yogurt I mean. I could tolerate before but not until I was 5 days with zero Carb.. Basically cheese eggs meats fish fruit nuts greens. As I'm sure everyone knows eating this way is extremely addictive because it feeds you on such a deep level. I fully expect to reach a Zen state which happens when I stop carbs but with fruit idk. Its when the thoughts just stop. I'm on medication now and probably will take it for a long time thing is though before I discovered the diet the other medication helped but definitely didn't cure. Also have been taking benzos which this diet pretty much eliminates my need for. After posting on here recently I was trying the diet but wasn't having complete success because I believe now the yogurt and half n half I was using. I'll definitely post back.
  12. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Hi, Im kinda in the burst of coming out of eating carbs but I'm sure ill post later
  13. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    Well after reading glutenology site I cut all grains. I also went zero Carb in the beginning and like magical every single one of the symptoms that were bothering me went away. By day 4 or 5 it was all gone but mainly most left after 24 hours but I tend to intermittent fast. I think its more candida than gluten, but I'm not sure I was completely good for over 2 months just avoiding all grains. So I don't know but I hope its just corn, or of course wheat. But according to that site corn, oats, even rice have gluten prolamines in it. Anyways so I'm starting to feel better now since I've restricted all grains and carbs. The real kicker was I actually started watching movies. I haven't been able to watch a movie in 10 years. So I went on a long movie spree. My life came together. I'm thinking now that a lot of mental illness -is- related to the gut. Like how studies show prozac has antifungal properties. And the original antipyschotics I believe were derived from insecticides or herbacides did find some information on that. Probably why I have done the warrior diet for the past many years because I always felt better because I wasn't feeding the bad bacteria. Well it just helps me function. Thanks for the post I at least can feel good about what to do when things go bad. It's just sometimes its so hard not eating gluten or this or that.. I just can't afford not to eat very low Carb at least for now. Maybe ill update my thread here when I can come to better understanding because idk, there is probably so much unneeded suffering out there. Strange though when I take a benzo it almost stops it all. At one point I also thought it was caffeine toxicity. But that experiment didn't prove itself. Wish everyone luck with their gluten issues!
  14. Hi, I made some posts awhile back, which somehow turned into a debate on intermittent fasting and me trying to convert people to IF, which I never was trying to do. Point being, around 3 months ago I found the glutenology site, and decided to go grain free. No grains, no corn syrup, no modified starches, etc. I've never been a schizophrenic, but after using weed a few times it kinda seemed to trigger something in me. Voices of sorts, more like amplified thoughts, some other stuff. I'm writing this post to help people. What happened was, within 24 hours of grain free alot of my symptoms vanished. After 3 or 4 days a big schizo-ish thing completely evaporated. I need to say that I started my grain free diet by also being very low carb. So it could have something to do with that.. But I kept this no grain thing up for over 2 months. One interesting thing was after a few weeks or after ten days (I forgot)...could have been longer maybe... I actually found I could watch a movie. Which is just a normal thing.. but I haven't been able to really watch a movie for 15 years. I have been slipping for kinda awhile now. I think I started getting cross contaminated, which is so easy, and I just lost some control and confidence in this way... So I'm going back. Since symtpoms are back... going to mainly eat whole foods.. for instance a few days ago was going to eat whole foods and turns out another the almonds etc were on shared facilities of wheat. So the symptoms come back, or come back stronger, or just stay around.. when hear I am trying to fix all of it. So.. back to whole foods. I hope I can eat grains by the glutenology site says rice and corn etc have similar proteins of wheat, and truthfully elimination of grains is what cured me, so to speak. I might update later.
  15. How Did I Get Glutened!?!

    Whatever. Go ahead and think to yourself fasting is not healthy.