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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cruising Hawaii

    Hi There everyone, It's travel time again and this time we are headed for the great state of Hawaii. We are spending 2 nights in Honolulu/Waikiki before heading out for a 7 day cruise around the islands. I have done some research around Honolulu but looking for more information about the other stops we have and any help would be greatly appreciated. We are going to be visiting Maui (Kahului), Hilo, Kona and Kauai then back to Honolulu...so any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kim
  2. Going To Texas Roadhouse For Dinner

    We were just at Texas RoadHouse in December (Grand Forks, ND) and they still had a gluten free menu even. My husband absolutely loves it there & always orders the same this - Roadkill made using no grill shortening.
  3. Perkins

    wow...I guess I should rething where hubby & I eat breakfast when travelling. We normally go to Perkins (always asking about a dedicated egg grill) and share either an omlete or ham & eggs (I get to eat the pancakes). Because I have worked in many restaruants during my early years, I always ask about a dedicated egg grill because I have worked with places that do (major chains in Canada like Smitty's and Perkins) and ones that don't. So far, he has not been sick from any place that we had breakfast.
  4. Starting The Scd Diet

    what is the scd diet?
  5. Hope To Go To Dominican Republic Or Cuba

    We ended up going on a cruise with Carnival because we couldn't get straight answers from anyone. The cruise was great and very accomodating for my hubby. Each day they provided him with fresh gluten-free bread, he pre-ordered for the next day & recieved "melting chocolate cake" every night for dessert...which tasted just like mine & is heavenly.
  6. We live in Canada as well & since being diagnosed, my hubby has drank only 2 types of liquor.....rum (white or amber only) and gluten free beer. In Canada, you can get La Messagere (gluten free beer) which is shipped from Quebec. Depending on where you live, it can be quite pricey ($24/6 pack here). He made the decision to stay away from Rye because it is grain based and is not a vodka fan. If you both like Vodka, contact some of the companies & they should be able to tell you if it is safe or not. Just a side not, watch out for the flavour added vodkas, the flavouring can contain gluten. Hope this helps, Bluesky
  7. Hope To Go To Dominican Republic Or Cuba

    Never thought of Aruba - will have to talk to hubby about it
  8. Cancun Business Trip - Help!

    What resort was it that you stayed at? We are hoping to go to Cancun soon so would love to know
  9. When we were in Tennessee, we had no choice but to eat out. We found some great places to eat and some very helpful people. On our first night there...after not eating since 6 am...we headed over to Outback. We made sure we went early so they would be so busy. We handed the Celiac Travel dining card to the waiter while I was explaing hubby's needs. Our waiter was great - he had just had someone with Celiac a little earlier that day - so he went to check what she had. He did tell us that hubby could NOT have the seasoning or fries (of course...that darn blooming onion). We stayed at the Knoxville Marriot for a few days & the Restaurant Manager was great. While we checked into our hotel, we asked to speak with him. He told us when we came in...ask to speak to the chef and he will set us all up and tell us exactly what hubby could and could not have. The manager would also be telling the chef in advance about hubby's needs. We also gave TGIFridays a try, and I knew that others had not had much success there. Again our cards & the manager made things very easy for us. Hard Rock Cafe & Nascar Cafe was great too. After a week of travelling we came home with a lot of 1-800 numbers for customer inquires...and a lot less travel cards. We left one with every restaurant we visited so they would have the information on had for the next person with Celiac came in. Some of the best advice we recieved was.... go during off peak hours --- the chef/cook will have more time to talk & less chances of mistakes tell the wait staff/manager/chef exactly what you can & can't have they all loved the travel cards - I always have some on hand ask them to use a clean pan or to put some foil down on the grill. (guess it helps that hubby started telling them it was as serious as a peanut allergy - cross contamination wise. He also told a few places that he would die if he had gluten...then told them he would actually only become violently ill) Hope this helps - bluesky
  10. Need Help From East Tennesseans

    we were just in Knoxville & Pigeon Forge area and had great success. Eating out is always risky...however, we did go to Outback, Nascar Cafe, TGI Fridays & Hard Rock Cafe with great success. Hubby never got sick once & we left one of our dining out cards at every restaurant so they would have it on hand for the future. The managers were very accomodating, especialy at Hard Rock & TGI Fridays. We made sure at every stop to speak to the manager & told them exactly what hubby could & could not eat. They would even bring out their supply book so I could see the ingreadints. (sorry can't spell). The only place we didn't have any luck (but never tried) was at the track in Bristol. Even the hotel we stayed at, Knoxville Marriot, was great at the restaurant. The chef came out to talk to us and told us everything on the menu he could eat. Can't say the same for the room service - they won't let you do substitutions but he could have the salad. Good luck & have a good trip
  11. Ibs Leads To Other Diseases....

    add another to the list... Years ago I was diagnosed with IBS and they gave me everything they could think of...peppermint oil capsuls (yuck), tried changing my diet, told me to stay away from food that were high in fibre, then to eat foods high in fibre. While I was pregnant, told me to stay away from lactose in all forms (was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in late 80s). I have been tested for Crohn's (in the family), Colitis, diverticulitis...everything but Celiac. Now that hubby was diagnosed and our household is gluten-free - I feel so much better!! If I do have gluten after weeks of not having it - I get soooo sick. I wonder if it's sympothy pains... blue
  12. Hi everyone. We are hoping to go to the Carribean this winter, perhaps Dominican Republic or Cuba. Has anyone had any experiance with traveling to an All Inclusive resort since Celiac Disease? Does anyone have any recommendations? blue
  13. Gatlinburg/ Dollywood

    We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg and they were fantastic!!! Both mangers came out and asked us questions...then verified with the kitchen on what we could eat. It was a great experiance.
  14. Travelling To Knoxville

    Thank you both for your help. We leave on March 22nd and the anticipation (and worry) is really starting to build. We love to travel so this will be our first real test.
  15. Travelling To Knoxville

    Hi Everyone, We are travelling to the Knoxville area at the end of March. During our stay we will be in Bristol (for NASCAR race) perhaps Nashville and may even travel to Charlotte NC. Where are good places to eat? We already have a few places written down like Bonefish Grill & PF Changs but would love to hear some other places to try. Thanks in advance for your help everyone Bluesky