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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Before my celiac diagnosis I was getting mouth sores almost constantly. If I ate anything contaminated with gluten I'd get blood filled blisters (immediately) while eating. The worst were McDonald's hash browns (but only from certain McDonald's) and knarly artisan bread. When the sharp edges of the bread poked my mouth a sore would develop. The blisters would pop in a day or so, then the fun begins. I'd suffer from the raw sore ulcer for several days to a week. I've been gluten-free for almost two years, but I still get these occasionally. The most recent was after having work done on a tooth in prep for a crown. When they are bad, the outside of my face also hurts, like a burning nerve pain. This latest has made the left side of my face hurt from my jaw to my eye. Besides taking tylenol or advil, what can I do to ease the pain or speed the recovery? I've tried adding peroxide to mouthwash, but can't tell if this really helps or not. Anyone?
  2. Discouraged, But Needing Hope

    I get frustrated too. I wish I had an answer, because I need answers too. I'm just persevering and tightening up little by little. I'm 56 with mysterious symptoms most of my life. First week of January I had my big flare-up. It took 5 months for my Drs to test me for Celiac. I've been gluten-free since June. It took 4 months for the diarrhea to stop. I seem to get glutened 2 or three times a month. It's so hard to nail down the culprit. About 10 days ago I started itching on my elbows & knees & the diarrhea came back. I hadn't eaten *anything* suspicious. It got worse and kept on for a week. I tracked it down to a rice & legumes mixture that my wife started cooking last weekend. In the meantime I bought a dedicated gluten-free toaster for myself. I was gambling with the regular family toaster. We finished the rice mix on Saturday and I have been slowly improving. This mix has brown rice, red rice, wild rice, 2 colors of lentils and black-eyed beans. Someone told me that the wild rice is too close to wheat for safety. I'm not sure if it is that or cross contamination. When I get glutened I don't feel cramps right away, but get real loud gurgling in my guts. The next day I get hit with the colic & diarrhea. Depression and moodswings comes next. after the third day I start to get better if I haven't been glutened by something else. I'm working on being more resilient and pickier about reading ingredients. I won't eat other people's cooking just because it "looks OK". I'm learning that I can't take anything for granted. I always have to read the ingredients. I would like to be able to go for at least two weeks without being glutened.
  3. No kidding! I just went for my celiac blood test today. I was told about 2 years ago that I had a fatty liver. I don't drink, but the Dr didn't believe me.
  4. I just got an emailed response from my GI, "IBS doesn't cause mouth sores or blisters. Go see your PCP when you have another one." LOL. I guess I'm on my own with this.
  5. I get these all the time. They are painful, more so when they pop. The underlying sore takes a long time to heal. I'm new to this gluten-free program so I don't know what causes them. I never asked a Dr. either.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the celiac issue, Having just heard about it three days ago. The symptoms match up with what I have suffered for nigh on 50 years. I've been severely constipatead all my life until January this year. Now I've had daily diarrhea for the last five months. My Dr's are slowly working to eliminate everything under the sun before looking for celiac. It takes forever to see a specialist. What clinched it for me was the tie in to mouth sores. I often get blood blisters in my mouth. They start small and quickly grow. They burst in a day or so and then hurt like h*ll for a week or so. Does anyone get these kind of blisters? My dentist saw one the last time & freaked out. He'd never seen a blister filled with blood like mine. It's painfully hard to eat when they are large and the blister breaks. This is usually brought on by fried food. There's a particular McDonalds that I avoid because their hash browns always cause my mouth to break out. Other things that cause it are some french fries and some chips. Doritos are the worst. Knarly artisan bread crusts that poke the inside of my cheeks can cause it too. (LOL. If this turns out to be celiac, I'll never eat at any McDonalds again or enjoy crusty artisan bread.) I've never mentioned it to any Dr because I never have a blister during a Dr. visit. Being a "hypocondriac" I visit the Dr. pretty often, and they look in my mouth all the time. They never asked about it or mentioned it. My mom got these all the time as well, but didn't complain much. I guess I just followed her example, thinking it was normal.