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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I posted results in another posting- didin't check total IgA?maybe it wasn't necessary with the test he ran? Thanks for replying!
  2. Thankyou for replying! If you look under my other posts I have posted my lab results. He didn't test total IgA, which I think he should have, but maybe with my IgG tests it's not necessaary?
  3. Hi- try to keep it short. I had a positive home test biocard for celiac, went to doc, had negative bloodwork but many symptoms and exceaaive weight loss. He wanted me to go gluten-free for a month to see it things improved. Anyway, it's been 3 week gluten-free and I got a bad sinus and eat infection eight after starting so haven't had a great chance to determine if I feel better, but my D has finally stopped, I have a but more energy, and (strange) I can have more than one glass of wine without feeling horrible and not being able to function for 2 days afterwards because of exhaustion and headache. My question is: tonight I accidentally reflexively ate a piece of white flour spaghetti while preparing my daughters dinner (the first gluten I know I've ingested since starting the diet) and as of 6 hours later I've had no reaction whatsoever - stomach, migraine etc. If I were celiac wouldn't I have some kind of telling reaction that I'd just ingested gluten?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm really new to gluten-free and between the doc/tests and myself, still trying to figure out if I have celiac disease or not! 10 days gluten-free and counting- finally gained 1 lb ! A small victory! Anyway- I haven't had much trouble determining whether something was gluten-free or not (thanks to terrific sites like this!!) buy I havent been able to find anything pertaining to floss sticks - which I am completely addicted to - specifically GUM eez thru mint. If anyone has an answer for me I would be so appreciative. Thanks!
  5. Advil liquigels are not gluten free and I mistakenly took 2 yesterday that made me quite sick. You didn't specify what sort you are taking.
  6. Thanks for your reply. If I go gluten free first to see if symptoms get better, and then go back on gluten for 4 weeks prior to a biopsy do you know if the chances for a false negative are the same? Does going off gluten for this initial month make it more likely I'll have a false negative when I eventually get a biopsy?
  7. All symptoms point to celiac, but I had negative bloodwork. Doc recommended one month gluten free to see if symptoms clear up, if so- then back on gluten for a few Weeks to wait for a biopsy. Any thoughts on this? I've read a lot of info saying not to go gluten free before a positive diagnosis. Losing weight by the day. Please see other posts for more detailed info. Thanks for any replies! Doc also testing for lupus, RA, electro phosphoresus in the meantime. A high CRP value is my only abnormal bloodwork so far.
  8. Thanks for Replying Diana- I couldn't see the content of your reply though?! I'm new to all this
  9. I was recently tested for celiac after a positive home biocard test. Results came back apparently negative. Had both deamidated antibody for IgA and IgG as well as ttg igA I think. All came back negative. I understand IgA deficiency could possibly have caused false negs with regards to the IgA value, but could it have affected the IgG value? Do I need to ask for any further tests (EMA? Etc) to accompany the total IgA to rule out IgA deficiency as a possible cause for neg results? I have every symptom in the book! Frustrating. Anyone been seronegative with a positive biopsy? I'm thinking of pushing for a biopsy. (I also posted under 'Push for more testing?' with a few more details) Thankyou so much for any/all responses!! Also I wouldn't say I generally eat a diet heavy in gluten- 1-2 pieces of bread a day, sometimes pasta and I don't watch for it in Cannes goods etc- lots of fruit, meat, veggies. Should I try to eat more gluten than that until this is figured out?
  10. Thankyou for replying! Would deficient IgA affect my IgG levels too or are they accurate despite IgA? Why is it important to test levels all at the same time? These results posted were run May 10th. I had postpartum thyroiditis. What kind of antibody tests should I have for that? Doc is testing thyroid again (had full lab workup this morning) and I see him again Tuesday for an urgent complete physical and review of today's labeork. Thanks again. All the tests I've looked up are getting confusing!
  11. Maybe I should also note: The range on all values says that <10 is normal and over on the side it says 0-9.9U/mL ?
  12. Hi- new to all of this- try to keep it brief- would certainly appreciate any advice or help! Have almost every symptom of celiac- finally felt like I had an answer- took a home biocard celiac test and results were positive, although the line was faint (?) Went to doc, results as follows: Anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA: 2.5 U/ml Anti-deamidated gliadin Protein IgA: 3.6 Anti-deamidated gliadin IgG : 4.7 Following these results doctor said it's highly unlikely to be celiac. I have so many symptoms and have further read that a possible IgA deficiency could lead to false negative results- could that be the case with the above tests and should I pursue having a total IgA serum test done? What else? Doctor may still order the biopsy after further vitamin/mineral etc,CBC, h pylori plus others. If it's of note I'm diagnosed lichen sclerosis and resolved thyroiditis. Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide me!