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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the replies, I tried to eat more protein today. I do get some excercise, I am a waitress so I just dont do much upper body. I guess I wont rush it. I am also trying some baking soda water before bed, in case the candida is whats causing the spikes.
  2. I guess its been 8 days, and I've had some awesome improvements, my digestion is doing much better and I dont have any abdominal pain. When I eat now, I dont feel anything, no gas, rumbling, pain, etc and bms are normal. The brain fog has not returned, and I have more energy and moods are stable. I still have that pain on my right side, it might be an ulcer. Its not constant but I feel it when i'm hungry, stressing or right after I eat. It doesnt hurt bad, just noticable. I still have the hypo, which is not so bad during the day but I feel it coming on and I HAVE to eat, but at night its off the hook, and my sleep is not getting any better because of the cortisol spikes. I worry about this because I am trying to rebuild and heal but cortisol is a very destructive hormone and I feel like its going to continue to break me down faster than I can build myself up. Should I start excercising again even though I am sleeping terribly? I feel like I should start lifting weights and jogging again, but I dont know if I should save that energy and let my body heal. Any thoughts would be appreciated greatly.
  3. Hi everyone. First time posting. So after the last year and a half of suffering and two seperate docors telling me there was nothing wrong with me, I think I have pinpointed gluten as the problem. All the high night time cortisol, insomnia, gut pain which I thought were parasites, but never got any out ( except candida), blurry vision, hypoglycemia, bone and joint pain- my endo said i was too young to do a bone density scan, can you believe it? (I am 36) and referred me to a nuerologist, pyschiatrist- didnt even do any hormone level testing, just for diabetes. I had been getting baaad muscle cramps, then discovered magnesium and realized I was severely deficient in that. And my acidity level which stayed around 6. All the collagen wasting, muscle loss, it all makes sense. About 2 to 3 months ago, I decided to go raw vegan. The first thing I noticed was my digestion improved immediately. the next day, normal stool. Then one day after doing 3 huge green smoothies before 2, I realized it was 8 pm and I wasnt hungry, no hypo and i slept 8 hrs that night, no drugs. People said I looked better. Well I work in a restaurant and it is near impossible to keep up the number of calories unless you are UBER prepared, and even then you cant stop and eat, so after about a month I decided to eat" regular food" again, just to make it through my shifts. Well the the glassy, blurry eyes with th horriffic brain fog came back, and I thought maybe the meat is too hard on my liver. The pain I was feeling that I thought was my liver may very well be the duodenim/gallbaldder area becaus after ingesting large amounts of magnesium citrate( in addition to the fact i drink lots of lemon water all day long) I had a 3 day stint in the bathroom, with what I think were stones all floating on top, hundreds, some were green, i never saw anything like that before. During this time i was researching osteoprosis and it kept coming back to celiac disase so I finally read about it, took a day to go gluten free and sure enough I was clear as a bell. So I did it 2 more days, and even with little sleep I felt 100 times better, I dont get that overwhelming fog exhaustion. It was not the meat being hard on my liver. I know there is a test for celiac (I am scandanavian with blood type O) but in order to do it you start eating gluten again. I have children and its hereditary so i probably will do it. Since it is lifelong autoimmune It would explain my hypo diagnosis at 15, lifelong exhaustion, mood disorders, and of course my drinking was the worst thing I could have done. Once again, I have not been tested yet but this will be day 4 and last night I went out bowling after 4 hrs of sleep and working all day and last night I slept pretty good. I drink chammomile tea to calm any intestinal inflammation before I go to bed. I am still juicing a lot, even more now that I know my poor body was just starving for god knows how long. I am very concerened about my bones still, I will have to fight the doctor on that one. I really hope this is it and the war will be over and I can finally get my life back. It has been so frsustrating having people tell you its "all in your head". I really have been down this road alone, and it completely destroyed my last realtionship. Today I am happy and energetic, and just a little optimistic .