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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Highest ttg-Iga levels?

    My TTG-IGA level was 136 and I was diagnosed with celiac.
  2. Hi All, I've been gluten free for over two years after being diagnosed with celiac. In the past few months I have started having increasing discomfort and bloating, which had initially stopped after going gluten free. My doctor redid the celiac panel and confirmed that I have not been getting into gluten, but I don't know what my next step should be. I suspect possibly additional food intolerances, but there are so many different foods that I don't know where to begin. Is there any test that would tell me what foods I might be intolerant to? I've heard of an elisa test but don't know if it's reliable. Or should I forget testing and remove almost all foods, then introduce things one at a time? If so, what would be the best foods to keep since I have to eat SOMETHING. (I also have osteoporosis, so plenty of calcium is a necessity.) Thanks so much for your wisdom!! :-)
  3. Hi all, I was diagnosed with celiac and have been completely gluten free for 2 years. At that time I had a dexa scan and was diagnosed with osteopenia. I've been eating healthy foods and plenty of calcium for the past 2 years, but my repeat dexa scan just showed my numbers falling into osteoporosis in my spine. (Went from -2.3 two years ago to -2.8 now.) I'm 55, went through menopause at the average age, and am otherwise in pretty good physical shape. My doctor put me on bisphosphonates, took away my running and other high-impact or bending/twisting activities. I'm now taking in even more calcium (and trying to juggle it with my iron pill), walking and beginning strength training. From your experience, there a realistic chance of my spine healing to some extent? My score went downhill even though I've been gluten free (and repeat blood tests have confirmed I'm not getting into any unintentional gluten). Maybe it just takes that much time for my gut to heal so I can start absorbing calcium again--or is it too late? I could tell you all how hard it is to deal with this on top of the problems and isolation of celiac, but you're all walking the same road and understand.
  4. I’m really struggling with being different and left out because of my celiac and am in need of some encouragement from those who are walking the same road and truly understand. It seems that everywhere I turn I’m confronted with food that everyone but me can eat and I’m left feeling like I don’t belong. Everywhere. On our vacation to Central America where I had to watch the rest of my family sample the local fare and I never got to touch it. At every social or community or church function where the menu is pizza, hamburgers with buns and who-know-what fillers, or desserts. The breaking point for me was a special celebration for a friend’s one-year sobriety where they made trifles and posted pictures of how gorgeous and delicious they were. I couldn’t take sitting on the sidelines AGAIN watching them eat and hearing them gush about how delicious it was, so I ran out in tears and missed her celebration. I was diagnosed two years ago and thought I was making peace with it, but I just can’t get away from the gluten that mocks me wherever I go, and I’m so weary of fighting the same battle over and over. Our society bonds over food, and those of us who can’t share in it can feel like we’re not really wanted there or a part of the group. Does anyone else still struggle with these feelings even years after diagnosis? Should I be more assertive about asking for accommodations (like a separate trifle with just the whipped cream and berries and things I CAN have)? I don’t want to come across as self-centered and a pain for people to invite places.
  5. Carry-On Dinner While Flying?

    Hi! I'm going to be flying with an overnight stop in Atlanta. We'll be staying in a hotel but will not have access to a car or transportation, and the hotel does not have a restaurant. What can I either bring in my carry on that will be allowed and can be eaten without any cooking equipment, or something safe I can buy in the airport before leaving that will keep for a few hours? I don't want to risk getting glutened on our vacation! Thanks so much for your advice! :-)
  6. Before I was diagnosed with celiac and went gluten free, I would get attacks, usually after eating, where I things would start spinning and I'd get really dizzy and start sweating. The last time I actually passed out and my blood pressure went so low they couldn't even get a reading on it. The doctors couldn't find any cause for it, but it hasn't happened a single time in the more than a year that I've been gluten free.
  7. New To This - And Frustrated!

    My family likes Ancient Harvest's corn & quinoa spaghetti best, followed by corn pasta. As for the roux, I've always used cornstarch to thicken sauces and gravies, even before celiac. Good luck!
  8. I use Vitacost online. Best prices I've seen, and their customer service is really good.
  9. Upcoming Conference

    Hi! I'll be attending a conference next month where I'm likely to have no access to safe food. The nearby restaurants will have very long lines and limited selection during our short meal breaks. I won't have access to any fridge or micro, even in the hotel room. Any ideas on what I can take to eat besides a large pack of Kind bars?
  10. I was diagnosed with celiac over a year ago, and it's still hard to sit and watch everyone else eat food that I can't touch. But it's no ones' fault--it's just the way it is. I have this problem, but so many others I know have bigger burdens to bear. So I just bring my own food, tell people honestly why I can't eat what's served, and count my blessings that the gluten-free diet has made me healthy again!
  11. Is This A Kidney Pain?

    Nvsmom, you're describing the same kind of pain I had on and off for years, then every day. The only thing that helped at all was time and a heating pad. I was tested for celiac, and that IS what was causing the pain. It went away within a few days of being gluten free. If you haven't yet been tested for celiac, you should be! Good luck
  12. Christmas Parties

    Definitely go anyway and enjoy yourself! I bring a snack for myself and talk openly about my celiac when people ask why I'm not eating. It can be a great opportunity to get the word out since so many are undiagnosed. Several times I've had people say that they or someone they know has unexplained symptoms and will now get tested after talking with me.
  13. I was just diagnosed with "frozen shoulder", and my doctor said that it has a relationship to my celiac disease (diagnosed 2 months ago). Has anyone else had both problems or any words of wisdom?
  14. Don't think it's the Kraft dressing--that's coming up as gluten free: http://www.gfoverflow.com/product.php?id=007291. And Kraft is supposed to be one of the best for clearly labeling any gluten in the ingredients. The ingredient list for the soy sauce looks ok, too--Soybean extract, water, iodized salt, caramel and 0.1% sodium benzoate (if it's the same variety that (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) shows). I'd check the breakfast sausage.
  15. I had the whole range of blood tests done: B12, B6, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc., and only the Iron and Vit. D were a problem.