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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I brought a steak with broccoli and cauliflower for lunch today, but all my coworkers are eating Burger King. I'm eating an expensive steak, but I'm craving that juicy greasy gluten and dairy filled cheeseburger!! Does anyone feel my pain? You never appreciate what you have until you loose it. Not that burger king is that great for anyone, but man it'd be nice to just stop at the corner fast food place every once in a while.....
  2. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in April 2012 after a biopsy. But I'm beginning to wonder if I may be allergic to gluten instead of intolerant. I'm very careful about cross contamination. It seems if I'm in the store by the bakery I get a headache between my eyes and start getting watery eyes and sneezing. I think this week as well as one other time since going gluten-free I've been cross contaminated. I get a really bad post nasal drip that causes an intense sore throat. Took claritin d based on drs advice for 5 days and it completely disappeared. It seems to be a histamine reaction. Could it be an allergy to gluten, or maybe an allergy to milk or nuts? I can usually tell when I've been glutened, I have intense stomach pain. Both times didn't have the stomach pain. Could I be having a histamine reaction to milk? Is blood test a good way to check for allergies? Anyone else have a histamine reaction?
  3. So I'm newly dx with gluten intolerance within the last year. The last two months my period has been late, but I'm not pregnant. I've seen on the forum others who have gone gluten free and then their periods become irregular. My question is should I do anything to help, like certain vitamins etc? And how long should I let this go before seeing a dr? And I guess what kind of dr should I see, my gastro since related to gluten?
  4. For me it's about 20mins, usually just wrapping up at the table and I start to feel it. Ive learned to eat slower now, so if I start to feel symptoms I can stop before I get a full meal of cc in me. It usually last around 3 days.
  5. I'm a few months new to gluten free. I've noticed so many of my old daily symptoms were gluten related and have now gone away. I used to have very bad stomach problems with gluten, but have now noticed when cc that I only get a very very bad headache. No stomach problems noticeable. Is this true? Does your reaction to gluten change over time? Also just throwing this out there, the arc of my right foot has been tingling / grabbing me. Could this be gluten related?
  6. Honey garlic shrimp on a bed of white rice. Also had mixed fruit on the side. Ziploc steamer bags are my new best friend lol
  7. I have been redoing my kitchen to remove all of my old gluten cook and bake wear. Im working on storage containers now. Do I need to have glass lids too? Or will brand new glass containers with plastic lids be ok? My kitchen is 90% gluten free. I do make gluten items for other family members just a few meals a week. Even if they are glass should I keep certain ones as gluten free? Same thing with glass measuring cups, do I need two sets?
  8. My household is 90% gluten free. I've redone my kitchen and haven't gotten sick at home in a long time. But I do notice if I eat a gluten free bar, baking mix, Or anything that has a "flour" replacement I still get sick. I do also get sick if I try to eat out too half the time. Once from outback, Boston market and Wendy's potatoe. I went to a bakery that has gluten free cupcakes and she reviewed all the precautions they take and I still got sick.
  9. I've been gluten free for about 3 months. I've had blood work and endoscopy/colonoscopy both coming back perfect with no problems. My dr and I agreed to try a gluten free diet and it's been a night and day difference. He has me diagnosed as gluten intolerant. I'm eating mostly fresh foods like fruits, veggies, meat, and none to very little processed foods. I've noticed I seem to be very sensitive to what I think maybe cross contamination and still get awful headaches every once in a while. My nutritionist is suggesting I take the A. L. C. A. T. Test to look for other things I maybe having problems with. Maybe it's not cc but something else? The test is like $800 is it worth it? Am I just too new to gluten free I need to wait and allow body to settle in? But my endoscopy was clean and saw no damage. Could I really be that sensitive to cc with gluten intolerance? Also my dr only recommended a 2 week gluten challenge before the endoscope, is it possible that was too short and the damage was already healed?