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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. HI, Since my blood test was inconclusive and I am due to have an endoscopy in July I am told it may be negative too since I have been gluten free for a month. I feel better since stopping the gluten but I went out for dinner for the first time on Friday and order skirt steak and a baked potato. I told the server to just grill the steak no sauce as it did come with one. When I started to eat it there was some sort of seasoning because it did not need salt. Needless to say my stomach acted up for the next two days. Could they have maybe marintated this steak before hand with something containing gluten? Very confused thought I was being careful.
  2. I just tried La Yogurt Probiotic which is gluten free. Had four of them in the past week. Today had an issue in the bathroom. It takes me along time to digest and since going gluten free I have issues not visiting the bathroom enough, so I thought the yogurt would help, now I am not sure after today with a stomach ache and a run to the bathroom;
  3. Thanks for your input, although I am feeling a bit better without the gluten and finding it hard to go back before my colonoscopy/endoscopy, don't want to feel sick again. Had my blood test today maybe the panel will show something. Also new arrival of only one hive on my wrist, very strange. My test are not being done till July 2nd, trying to move up but they have not openings, my luck.
  4. My family doctor thinks I may have celiac disease. On and off I would have bouts with D and then it would go away, then episodes became closer and closer. I am having a blood test this week and a colonscopy and endoscopy in the beginning of July. Since I am suspected of this I have started to change my diet and the severe stomach cramps and D have been relieved somewhat, although the b movement is still not normal. I keep checking things to make sure they are ok to have, but did not check Coffeemate until today and it has soy in it. Does anyone have a problem with that too, trying to get a grip on the does and don'ts until my test. And how long before you return to normal if it fact I do have celiac disease.