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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Reaction In Just 1 Hour?

    Thank you all again! This is very validating! Yesterday I was driving to my sister-in-laws and I missed the turn I usually take and my husband was asking me where I was going. Then I didn't recognize another street I'd been on several times. It was so odd. I'm thinking it could be lingering effects since it was only 5 days later... My digestive tract is definitely still off. I may have to find or start a support group in my area because when I tell my husband that I think it's because of gluten, I don't think he believes it! There is still doubt in my own mind (really, it's denial, not doubt!)
  2. Gluten Reaction In Just 1 Hour?

    Thanks. I had a mild headache all day yesterday and generally felt "off" the whole day. I had another bout of D this AM, though, while nothing yesterday. <ETA: I had really bad stomach pains for a little while last night, too.> Now I'm wondering if it could still be gluten-my thought is yes, but my husband is doubtful...
  3. Hi! It's been a long time since I posted and even then, I only posted a couple of times, but I'm hoping someone can tell me if it's possible to react to gluten so quickly. I went to dinner with family tonight, I had a filet mignon (no marinade), a baked sweet potato (no butter/toppings) and a glass of water. When we walked outside to leave, I could feel the rumbles in my stomach and felt mildly bloated. By the time I got home (5-10 minutes later), I had diarrhea. I've gone two more times since then (we left the restaurant a bit over 2 hours ago.) Is it possible it is gluten that is making me sick? I do think it is (my son had something floating in his water he said came from a pitcher and when I scooped it out to smell it, it smelled like bread-I'm not sure if I was drinking from the same pitcher, though), but I can't find much about how soon after being glutened someone reacts. Thanks for any help/feedback.
  4. Can gluten-free Pizza Be Trusted?

    It's a local place, not a chain. I will call and ask. What about places like Outback Steakhouse? Do they follow some protocols? Is that gov't mandated to claim it's gluten-free?
  5. Hello, All. I am a 34 year old mother to 4 children. I have had joint and muscular pains since about 7 or 8 years old. I have also had chronic constipation since around the same time. Never to the point where I couldn't go at all, but I'll go up to 5 days without a BM (I honestly think I've been so accustomed to it that the bloating doesn't bother me. I usually only realize I was bloated after I go and feel "deflated") sometimes and would be on the bowl for a half hour or more. Never have/had diarrhea unless I was very sick with a virus and once with food poisoning at the mall 7 months pregnant (fun, fun! LOL) Since having children (so over the last 9 years), I have been tested for thyroid issues 3 or 4 times, always comes back normal, even the extra tests they do. I went to a gastroenterologist complaining of abdominal pains both low in my abdomen and up high on the right side. I was told several years ago I have sludge in my gallbladder. A recent sonogram showed polyps in my gallbladder, no sludge. My gallbladder is very symptomatic and I will be having it removed in July. I had rectal bleeding determined now to be from hemorrhoids, but the gastroenterologist suggested a colonoscopy at the time. I also complained of getting very nauseous, especially at night. He offered to do an endoscopy at the same time as the colonoscopy to look for possible ulcers. The only thing he did find was damage to my small intestines that he said was consistent with celiac disease. My blood work, which he had done before hand, did not show antibodies in my blood to suggest celiac. He did say he would have diagnosed me immediately had I had the antibodies. He then asked me if I would be willing to be genetically tested. I agreed to be tested and I was put into the high category for likeliness of developing Celiac. He recommended I try a gluten-free diet and wants me to see a celiac specialist. He said my results were not exclusive, but didn't strongly support I had it, either. I got these results about a week and a half after having the colo/endoscopy. I felt better after having the colo/endo done, like I'd been flushed out from the colon cleanse I had to use. I was even having an easy time going to the bathroom. I decided to go gluten free for two weeks and I seemed to be less gassy, but that is all that I noticed changed from how I already was having an easy time in the bathroom from the testing. I reintroduced gluten into my diet and ended up with increased gas. About a week and a half ago I removed gluten from my diet again. This time I don't notice much of a change. Now I wonder if it could really be celiac? Did I only feel better from the colon cleansing for my test or is there really something to gluten free and I just haven't given it a fair chance? Also, I am sure I've had plenty of things cross contaminated with gluten because no one else is going gluten free with me. Type II diabetes does run in my family but nobody has type I in my family. The only person I know in my family who has thyroid problems is my father's aunt. She has Grave's disease. Other than that, there're no people who have autoimmune diseases that I know of in any part of my family. One of my children has a severe life threatening peanut allergy. Lastly, I developed a serious life threatening allergy to zucchini, pumpkin and shellfish over the last year and a half. Please share your thoughts with me.
  6. Isn't there a high CC risk with gluten-free pizza from a pizza place? Our family favorite pizza place offers gluten-free pizza, but I'm nervous about even trying it. Part of me thinks I probably don't even need to worry about CC, but then again, I never realized I had damage to my small intestines until it was found, so why chance doing more damage? Anyway, I guess I'm just wondering how it can *really* be truly gluten free.
  7. Thank you for this post. I can't imagine having to give up Hershey's!!! I got nervous thinking maybe I'd been eating them when I shouldn't have
  8. Hi Lady! I've been on a trip so haven't replied to your message. It sounds like you have an AB Fab GI if he referred you to Dr. Green! Holy Moly, I read Dr. Green's book and have recommended to several people!

    Re the bread, I think everybody's disase is different. I liked Udi's Whole Grain for a While, Against the Grain is AB FAB. Good luck!...

  9. Thank you so much for the advice... I should elaborate. i had a colonoscopy/endoscopy done. I was actually having the endo to look for possible ulcers (which I have none) and my GI found the damage in my small intestines that is consistant with celiac. He actually said if I had the antibodies in my bloodwork then he'd have diagnosed me immediately. Since I don't have the antibodies, he asked if I was willing to have genetic testing done. I went ahead with that and my results put me in the *high* risk for developing it (as opposed to very high or extremely high.) He wants me to see Dr. Peter Green. When I googled him, apparantly he's head of a celiac clinic and specializes in the disease. I just think my GI felt he couldn't say for certain if I have celiac or not and suggested eating gluten free to see if my symptoms improve. Do you all prefer to make bread/muffins/rolls, etc... To purchasing commercial products? I just read through a thread in a different board on this site that makes me feel baking is the way to go. Lastly, I have the King Arthur flour, but I guess I thought it was Bob's Red Mill because that's the brand of xanthan gum I purchased I'm really nervous about wasting a ton of money on baking disasters! LOL Ladyrhedd
  10. I was just thinking of starting a thread about the best commercial breads out there. I found this thread very helpful. I have only been gluten-free for about a week. I don't remember the brands, but years ago, my son had a wheat allergy so I bought 1 each of rice and corn pasta, but the corn pasta was slimy. The rice pasta became one giant mass of i don't know what to call it. I bought a box of Quinoa for myself to try and I'll be sure not to over cook it. If I don't like it, I'll try out the Tinkyada brand so many seem to have good results with. I'm really not happy about not having *any* "real" breads anymore Ladyrhedd
  11. Hi, All. I am new to everything gluten free. I have to see a specialist in order to even be diagnosed, but my gastroenterologist said I should try going gluten free in the meantime to see if my symptoms improve. I have been pretty strict for a week now, but now I'm ready to start making my own breads/cakes, etc... I know there are many commercial mixes out there, but I'm starting off with trying to cook from scratch. I purchased some gluten-free all-purp flour (Bob's) and some xanthan gum. In most recipes, would you suggest adding the gum to the gluten-free flour? I have yet to eat anything gluten-free but some Glutino pretzels which I think I like more than my favorite wheat pretzels so I'm trying to be optimistic. Also, is there a good, low carb sandwich recipe you could share with me (or direct me to?) Thanks! Ladyrhedd