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  1. I too noticed that Bolthouse Farms labeled their Green Goodness as Gluten Free but contain wheat grass and barley grass. I contacted them and received this response: Thank you for your interest in Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness. We do our best to provide accurate information so that you can make informed choices in regards to the foods that you put into your body. As you mentioned, this flavor contains wheat and barley grass, which is gluten free. Wheat and barley grasses do not contain gluten, only the seed and chaff of the plant contain the gluten allergen. We require our supplier to provide us with a certificate of analysis on every lot. Their test results have always been negative for gluten. Thank you for your support. We appreciate your business. So, if you know you react to wheat grass and barley grass I would stay away from it but if it's only the gluten you are concerned about, this product has been tested.