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  1. Waking up nauseous is a symptom?
  2. I know right? I thought there should be more tests done. I asked my GP to order me the extra panels along with the test to show if I am deficient in any other minerals. I suffer from anxiety, eczema, abnormal periods, and am lactose intolerant. I do get mild cramps when I eat bread, and those last for a couple hours. I also wake up nauseous every morning. IDK if that is a symptom or not.
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first post here and I have a few questions. I was diagnosed with anemia (Iron) and started taking supplements. I got retested and mi TIBC levels grew larger while everything else dropped. My ferratin level is 8, really low. I just got my Celiac panel test done at Kaiser and it came back negative. I still think this is wrong, but I have no clue. I also have hidradenitis suppurativa. I did some reading on that and it said that many sufferers of HS are gluten intolerant. Could I still be Celiac? I also read somewhere that kaiser's levels were high, is this true? TTG http://tinypic.com/r/2lxfm7n/6 Iron http://tinypic.com/r/wsqxp2/6