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  1. Hey Im Andrew, 25, and recently started gluten free! Its kind of hard but Ive definately noticed a difference in how i feel by just modifying my diet! It would be great to meet with people and see how they are doing!
  2. Anyone in Toronto/GTA want to meet up and talk about this disease. Im 25 and since I have been seld dx, i've met two people who have it. Its been very inspiring listening to them talk and tell me about their history and current dealings.
  3. Id be interested in this to see how people are coping!
  4. Man Im 26 this year and for the last year have been trying to cope with the same shit as you have. Its hard. These days its enjoying the small things that seem to keep getting harder and harder. Summer time hits and you wanna have a beer and bbq.....CANT. I know what you mean by the relationships and depression hitting....I assumed it was just the great paying, but totally shitty job i hate working that i was doing...now it seems to be gluten this and gluten that. Hang in there man...for me 4 years ago this wasnt a problem... im hoping a new job will settle more nerves down and i wont be rocking a crazy schedule and be able to eat properly. Thats what the majority of this is...eating healthy...and then theres the shampoos and soaps and stuff you gotta use differently! But once again hang in there! Im in the same boat as you....frustration and panic attacks more severe than ever now but it will pass!