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  1. Hi Nadia. Any change in stool colour since your last post? Or any other news? After quitting gluten (due to intolerance) and then dairy (as part of elimination diet) shortly afterwards, my stools have been much like yours - yellow, clay coloured, yellow/green and always floating. This has been going for 2 months now with other symptoms that are more sporadic - fatigue, light headed, mild nausea. Have you got any of these symptoms too?
  2. Hi tweeks I have had a very similar story to you. Sice quitting gluten they have been yellow and usually very dense. Have you had any progress? I'd really appreciate an update if you can? Thanks
  3. Hi Tarantula44 Your post was a big relief to read as my story and symptoms are virtually identical. I was hoping you could let us know how you're getting on? Did you cut out nightshades and you symptoms clear? I'd love to hear how things are now as I'm getting pretty desperate. After cutting gluten out of my diet I spent 5 days feeling amazing - better than I'd felt in decades. Then my symptoms all came back again. I'm now eating rice, oil, fruit and veg but this includes nightshades. After reading your story i will now cut these out too but Please let me know your progress if you can. Thanks very much