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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I live in Minneapolis now and the gluten-free offerings are abundant and I know where all of them are but am now moving to Indianapolis and am hoping someone knows the best places to go, including pizza and bakery type places if there are any. Thanks in Advance!
  2. Do you use a glass baking dish or a metal one? confused new cook here
  3. I a copying this down, thanks! I never really learned to cook (diagnosed right before college) and I'm trying now, this one inspired me!
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. How Stupid Am I?

    I'm so sorry! And you are not alone. I posted last week about this same thing, you gave me deja vu! I thought I was buying the rice crust gluten-free Amy's spinach pizza and bought the WHOLE WHEAT one instead. Didn't realize it till I pulled the box out of the garbage after vomiting for 3 hours. I get delayed reactions so I didn't start throwing up till 3-4 hours after I ate it and it took me a good long while to realize it was the pizza. I felt really stupid but ya know what? EVERYONE makes mistakes! I hope you recover quickly Bre
  6. Thanks for pointing me to the blogs! I've had celiac for 7 years...but am just starting to learn to cook and bake for myself. Sad huh? Bre
  7. The Blood Type Diet Scam!

    I will add my 2 cents to distract myself from my horrible gluten poisoning.... I remember learning in med school about how the blood types have no relation to the digestive tract. The "evidence" the authors try to use is something about how the ABO antigens are picked up in the developing GI tract or something like that and they completely skew it and try to make it sound logical. There are a lot of diet books out there that are really crazy and take advantage of well meaning people by using fake "scientific evidence" that they have manipulated and taken out of context to try and get people's money. I remember when I became ill (the year before my diagnosis) with iron def anemia and my mom bought that book thinking it would help me. LOL...I'm type A and whatever that diet recommended would kill me Bre
  8. I am glad you are recovering. I felt pretty good yesterday apart from the D but this morning I had horrible "heavy" nausea, almost feels like I have a lead ball in my belly (still higher up abover my umbilicus and in the middle) and such a horrible feeling. It comes in waves and takes my breath away. Do you think baking soda would help at all in this situation, since I'm not throwing up anymore? It seems like an hour or two after I eat this feeling comes, like the food is stuck where my poor intestines got poisoned Bre
  9. Blood Type

    A+ here! I think this trend of Os might just be because that is the most common blood type....
  10. Hmm, are you allergic to Aspirin? IF you are I would think you would be allergic to the Pepto as well, but otherwise, it is SUPPOSED to make your stools dark. It even says so on the bottle and that is a temporary and expected thing. If you're not on a med that has this side effect and your stools are black/really dark that IS a sign of GI bleeding high up in the tract (it's called melena.) I was freaked out when mine became black and then I read the bottle and noticed that, hehe. I wouldn't want you to miss out on the joys of Pepto Bismol if you don't have to. Happy New Year! Bre
  11. I never get emails telling me when someone has replied in a threat I started or after I post in a topic I also don't get the notification. Frustrating! I tried to make sure my setting were correct, and I do believe I USED to get notifications when I posted. Thanks! Bre
  12. I am just starting (at the old age of 25, how pathetic) to get back into cooking and baking. I haven't done much since I was diagnosed as I went right into college after diagnosis and then med school where I dont' have TIME. But I getting inspired and I have bought some cookbooks but I wish they had pictures of the food like normal ones do. Any ideas? Or a regular cookbook with pictures that is easily adaptable? Thanks ! Bre
  13. I am jealous that you can tell right away! I usually feel perfectly fine until 3-5 hours later when either vomitig or diarrhea and a horrible dizzy nauseated feeling comes out of seemingly nowhere...
  14. The D started today as someone predicted it would Not too bad though and I've been eating a bit, mostly jello and broth and applesauce and peppermint tea. My GI doc told me to take some Pepto Bismol and that actually helped my tummy pain a lot. And hopefully help with the D too! He said something about how the ingredient in it can actually help bind up some of the gluten left over in the intestines and help get it out faster. ANyone ever heard that before? Anyways, thanks for your replies everyone! Bre
  15. Not rambling! I actually feel kind of encouraged knowing other people have similar reactions, weird as that may sound! My D started today, oh joy...