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  1. Hi, I'm new here. Had something I wanted to post but saw this one on the way. I have not yet been diagnosed, but think this has been my problem for the past 10 years. (It's a long story; I'll spare you.) Anyway, after my daughter was worked up for the disease and I did a little research on it, I saw all of my symptoms on the descriptions for celiac disease. It blew me away! I've avoided gluten for about a month now, and the first thing I noticed was that I could actually sleep past 3 a.m. I used to wake up then and be wide awake until about 5 a.m. It was really hard on me since I had to go to work. Now, I usually sleep past, but if I do awaken, I fall asleep easily. The second thing that I saw disappear after going gluten free was my joint pains. I know I shouldn't have gone gluten free without getting tested first, but after going through years of testing for everything else under the sun, I just decided to take matters into my own hands as the cure was within my own reach.