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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I haven't been on here in a while. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how I was doing since going Gluten Free. Let me see diagnoised offically by GI doc last aug! I have Celiac but have been Gluten free for About 3 months...... I have lost 50lbs!!!!! My blood pressure is NORMAL without meds!!!! My Cholesterol is back in the NORMAL range without meds!!!! My vitamin D level is NORMAL!!! My liver labs are almost back in the normal range...... They have come way down from hundreds to 31 and 44!!!! All lab work looks GREAT!! My back no longer hurts I have my strength back and have been released from PT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN MY LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!! It is so amazing.... I am so greatful I can live again. Roxie
  2. I Got Gotten

    Ohhh good one for when I get the need for a sugar fix. Yummy!
  3. I Got Gotten

    I had a very similar experience. I really thought I had the flu! High fever and all.... then I realized it was a gluten reaction.
  4. Ok I have been gluten free for 2 months. I found a decent or at least edible pasta but I can not find a decent bread!!! OMG I didn't think I would miss it so much but I just want a big juicy hamburger on a SOFT YUMMY WHITE bread!!! Anyone know where or how to get good bread???
  5. This is very close to my typing. You are Double DQ1 subtype (6/6) More prone to Neurological gluten problems.... such as Gluten Ataxia, peripheral neuropathy ect....
  6. In 2 weeks I am going on a 7 day Cruise to the Caribbean (Jamacia,Grand Cayman, Cozumel). This will be my son's first vacation and he is almost 8 years old. I REALLY don't want to get any gluten and ruin my cruise. Any suggestions on how to make sure my trip stays gluten free? I can't believe how much better I am doing. I have gone from barely being able to walk from the house to the car to a Cruise, I just went to see Jennifer Lopez in concert and had to walk 4 blocks to get there! OMG it was so hard but I did it! I honestly believe if we had not figured out that I have Celiac I would have been dead within a year. Instead I am getting better every day. I have lost 32lbs in 2 months! I have energy again... I forgot what it was like to feel decent. I am no where near well but I am a hell of a lot closer than I was. Roxie
  7. I don't/won't ever cheat. That is not to say I won't accidentally ingest gluten but never on purpose. I truely believe if we had not figured out that I have Celiac I would have been dead within a year. I am getting so much better and the suffering I endure is just not worth a piece of cake or whatever. When I am tempted I just ask myself..... "Do you really want that piece of bread or do you want to be able to walk?" If you ask me it is a no brainer! I accidentally ingested some gluten a week ago....... It was awful! I was in so much pain I stayed in bed for 3 days, ran a fever of 103.4, I could barely walk to the bathroom. It took almost a week to recover. Not worth it for me.
  8. DQ1/DQ1 (subtypes 5,6) Negative blood No intestional biopsy Rash biopsy DH or Lichen Planus (they aren't sure which but both autoimmune gluten reactions) Too many symptoms to list but most severe being Osteomalacia. I have Iron defcient anemia, and critically low vitamin D, elevated Liver Enzymes etc....
  9. Awww biscuts I miss biscuts and gravy!!!!! How did they turn out? If they are good I would love to have the receipe.
  10. I love it that is FANTASTIC NEWS! I also love hearing about the progress of others. It is very uplifting and gives me strength to keep on with what I am doing.
  11. DH Photo Bank

    Is either DH or Lichen Planus either way Gluten induced rash... http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j275/mommytodrew/DH-1.jpg
  12. Also wanted to share this little thought....... I wrote to Dr. Vikki Peterson author of "The Gluten Effect" and told her my situation. This was part of what she told me. "Also noteworthy is eliminating gluten and feeling better - do realize that that in itself is a positive test for gluten sensitivity" http://www.celiac.com/authors/360/Dr.-Vikki-Petersen-D.C,-C.C.N Since you feel better just know you are on the right track!
  13. Thank you everyone! I have to say I have been tempted a few times to go off track. Especially when they bring yummy goodies in to work. Then I thought about how much better I am feeling and wanting to be able to walk and play with my son and all thoughts of taking a bite go bye bye. I still have a lot of work to do before my cruise next month wish me luck!
  14. Woo Hoo soooo happy for you! That is awesome! Sounds very similar to me. My little brother asked me at the 4th of July if I was on speed. lol I asked why he just said I have so much energy and he hasn't seen me like that in forever. I have been gluten free almost 3 weeks and start PT to rebuild muscles I am already starting to walk better, more energy, and I have lost 10lbs!!!!!!!!! OMG Thank you God for letting me find this site and not just take a negative blood test for an answer!
  15. If you figure it out let me know that is one of my worst symptoms.