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  1. I'm sorta new to all this and currently I'm about 3 month's gluten free. I've arrived the hard way, through a process of elimination. I'm learning every-day and I'm currently having about one or two bad days a week. Today's been a bad a day and yesterday a friend brought me a lobster sandwich, without mayo. I only had a small piece of the bread and ate all the lobster. God it was good but I wondered what today would bring. For me I've already eliminated dairy products, eggs, and all the gluten things like bread and pasta. I'm off the coffee, tea, pop, no liquor but I do drink the soya milk. Might that also be a problem for me? I'm glad I found this site because I need to speak with people in my situation. I'm a 6'2" male, age 53, and I just went from 236 to 207 in the last 3 months. No withdrawal symptoms at all during the change over. I have not missed a days work over this but somedays were close. Thanks for any guidence I can pick up along the way here. Gerard