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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone diagnosed with candida and like to share your story with me please?
  2. Thank you! quote name="cyclinglady" post="877300" timestamp="1372527587"]Day 5, go back to Day 1. If you find the four day rotational isn't doing the trick, then do a seven day rotational. Do not eat the foods that you know are giving you the most problems. For example, I can't eat eggs, milk, garlic, mushrooms, or almonds. Things that I'm that only slightly bother me, like celery, rice or tomatoes, I put on the rotational diet. Here's a nice tip: Start you "day" in the evening. That way you can prepare your evening meal, and save some for lunch the next day. It works well for the working folks. Be sure to list all your foods and divide them up the way you normally like to eat them (i.e. beef, potatoes, carrots, apple, lettuce or fish, rice, pineapple and zucchini). Each day you should have more than a dozen foods to eat. This is your chance to try lots of veggies that you normally wouldn't have tried or a new fish or even buffalo. It does limit you on processed foods, but you won't be on the rotation forever. This diet helped me "calm down the fire" and prevented (I hoped) new allergies/intolerances. By the way, I'd cook a turkey breast, divide it up into individual servings, freeze them and then pull out and defrost. The same for burger patties, etc. No food goes to waste! I used lots of frozen veggies too and to this day, I still eat veggies at breakfast! I also learned to eat yummy foods like taro and tried every single veggie in the produce section of American and Ethnic markets. Watch out for food families. For example, no garlic for me and that means no onions or leeks. My rotational list was taped on the kitchen cupboard, put in my wallet (for shopping) and kept on my office wall. I don't know if this rotational diet has any scientific evidence showing that it worked (I did it based on my medical doctor's advice) but mentally, it sure helped! I was never hungry and I got well and now eat lots of foods that don't bother me. I did learn that everything in moderation and not to eat the same foods day-in and day-out. Good Luck!
  3. I bought a book teaching me about rotation diets but I have a question that I didn't see in the book. So I know you eat different foods on day 1,2,3,and 4 and usually it's only a 4 day thing. So on day 5 do you just go back to day 1 or so u start a new 4 day food cycle? I'm thinking you just go back to day one again but I just want to be sure because the reason I even have to do this is because I was eating too much of the same foods every day (being on a limited diet)... But if you are goi g back to the same foods every 5th day, for say, a year, that won't effect you badly?
  4. Spelt?

    I really ,ales me very angry that my naturopath knows I am diagnosed celiac and tried to tell me that I can handle eating spelt!! I have lost a lot of faith in this doctor
  5. I have read that most celiacs can tolerate spelt. My naturopath has also said this. What do u think?
  6. Oh really? Are they just the basic tests do you know? (Like dust and cat dander and things like that) .. Or is it like the ones that some naturopaths do that test like every food? Because I asked my doctor about it and she said they don't do these extensive tests. Where in Canada are you? I'm in Nova Scotia.
  7. Anyone in Canada get this testing done? Just wondering what company you used and how it went for u? Also wondering how much this costs?
  8. This is all very helpful information! Thanks everyone
  9. So how long were you on the gluten free diet before you had your first child?
  10. Hello, my fiance and I plan on getting married and two years and we plan on trying for children right away. I will be just turning 28 at the time. I would love to have children now but I still have a year left of school. It has taken me a little longer to finish my schooling, due to celiac related difficulties I went through before being diagnosed. I know 28 isn't old but it is older than I wanted to be for having my first child. And we want to have atleast two children. So, I would like to hopefully get pregnant right away. However, I am doing some research online and seeing a lot about celiac women being infertal and not being able to get pregnant. This terrifies!! I am even scared that the stress of thinking I can't get pregnant will effect my not getting pregnant! Can anyone tell me what they know about women who are celiac not being able to get pregnant?
  11. It seems like I have become intolerant to more and more things since I have been diagnose. I have stuck to a couple main foods that I know I can handle and only eat them but my stomach swelled up today and I have that burning sensation inside that I usually get from eating something that I'm intolerant to. It's frustrating when you think that you are doing things right and this happens. I real on a couple different websites that eating the same foods over and over again cause cause you to become intolerant to them. Is this true? And if so, I am screwed because there is only a couple different foods I can even handle so I can't mix it up
  12. No she 100% said to take them in the morning without food. and yes it was digestive enzymes because I even asked her again at my next appointment to make sure.
  13. My natropah doc ttold me to take digestive enzymees in thee morning without food. ddoesnt this just seeem to defeat tthhe purpose too you?
  14. I made myself a cold pasta salad for lunch today. I really missed pasta because I can't put tomato based sauce on it. So today I cooked gluten free pasta (rice bran pasta). I ran it under cold water to cool it. For the sauce I used half ranch and half french dressing. I also added green pepper and cucumber but you could put any veggies in that you would like. If you can handle it, I bet a sprinkle of paramasan cheese would be good too!
  15. For me it relieves a lot more belching but also some flatulence sometimes. I think it is more so meant for belching though