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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can't Put On Weight

    Wow guys thanks so much for your insight. Its so hard to know what to do. I keep reading articles about people that cannot loose weight. This is not our case. I'm still struggling, I think that I am also over-loading my body I'm eating all the time. At least every 2 hrs. If not I feel weak and angry. Its crazy I used to look at food and put weight on. Now I eat like a horse no kidding and nothing. I've read article about the hunter- gatherer Paleo diet basically all organic. High in Protein, Meats, Fish, Eggs, Vegs, Fruits, Alomond milk (instead of Rice Milk). But this eliminates Rice, Patatoes and Dairy, Soy. Apparantely Celiacs that are not seeing any results just with Gluten free diets should try it. Another word of advice is to try taking a probiotic - i was using Florea you take it before eating as it helps build the intestine, and glutamine it helps promote recover. I've noticed that the last few days since i run out i feel weaker. So try this. I know how you feel its a battle every day to maintain weight, let alone gain a little bit extra so the weighing scales nos change to higher instead of lower. Hopefully we can keep eachother motivated and let eachother know of any progress along the way. Also how do you know when you're healing? What are the signs? As no one seems to mention this. Courage xx
  2. When Can I Expect Weight Gain?

    Hi there. Apparently the healing process is faster with children/infants. I would recommend trying Rice Milk instead of Soy if you are using that at all, as alot of celiac have adverse reactions to Soya. Also a good multivitamin and alot of fruit, rice, gluten free pastas ect...
  3. Hi guys, I was recently diagonised with Celiac disease. I have been extremely underweight for 1 year. 45 kg for 167m I live in Dubai. The doctors just kept telling me that i should be happy that i was thin. I used to have a curvy normal body. That I should just eat more. I went on a 3000 cal diet - (all carbs, pastas, pizzas, ice-cream, junk food ect...) for a few months and put on 2 kg - still nothing. Then 2 months late the doctor where i had undergone the colonoscopy called and advised that my small intestine was damaged, i went back and did the blood test. Apparently the figures were extremely high. Ever since I have been Gluten free, now from my own diagnosis i think that i cannot tolerate Soy. I drank SILK SOY Vanilla flavor yesterday and felt ill, I also tried to start taking a Soy Based weight gainer and my system relapsed a few days ago. My weight that had finally reached 48kg is now at 46kg. So frustrated. Im taking: Calcium/Mag, Vitamin D, Glutamine, Folic Acid, and Fish Oil daily as this is supposed to heal the intestine. Doctors here do not know much about this condition and haven't prescribed anything. Can anyone advise how i can start gaining weight again, I feel like its a lost case. Just want to be a healthy woman again.